• I'm a big fan and hold a good few shares in him and have for a while.

    Just curious to think what people think of him? He's had his first little drop in a while and that probably off the back of a poor PB score yday.

    Is he a long term hold for any of you?

  • I have a small holding in him. Been in since the summer so.seeing a decent ish rise per share at the moment.

    I like him. I think he just needs to add a few more goals to his name to hit the big PB scores. He's a starter for both Inter and Italy with the Euro's coming up.

    I plan on holding for a while yet.

  • He is a crack; future for Inter and Italian national team.

    I’ve seen the match yesterday and there were always 2 opponents on him; imho this is because Sensi is out and teams can shift the focus on him.

    With Sensi back and Inter buying another midfielder (they got Vecino/Gagliardini in the bench) he can score 10 goals easily this year. Lukaku brings a lot of value for attacking midfielders as they get more chances.

  • Good long term hold
    Regular starts for both Inter and Italy
    Still relatively cheap

  • I hold and will continue to hold. 60 days into a good long 3 year hold for me.

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