FI Market Cap

  • Noticed this on twitter, the user @FIMarketCap

    The index market cap is now at over £80m, so in essence the value of every shareholding there is

    Obviously FI has grown considerably over the past couple of years and maybe especially since the world cup where for me advertising has really been pushed

    But if FI continue their growth, for example not just the UK but being able to widen the customer appeal and offer the availability to overseas investors, in another few years this really could be a whole new monster

    It feels like the initial start up type boom has already passed, and i am sure there are plenty who made incredible profits from being early investors, but it also sure feels like if the established FI can continue their growth, then there is a whole new boom that could happen over the coming years

    At some point the incredible growth will have to stop, there has to be a ceiling eventually, but if FI are not content with what they have, and they want to be a global monster, then we really are still in the early stages here

  • There cant be a ceiling, as if there is a ceiling then the platform is nothing more than a ponzi scheme.. I prefer to look on the platform as an early stage stock market which will grow organically as more and more people see the advantage of trading sport personalities.. I totally agree with you that if FI can add some big EU countries (France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands) then the market will explode as each country is added..

  • @Karl maybe i have used the term ceiling too loosely, but if you look at the FTSE 100 over the last 5 years, the trend line is slightly up, and prices have varied between 6,000 and 8,000

    i think that is where i am coming from, call it market reaching true saturation or whatever, but at some point well into the future, FI will reach that point, i just dont think it will be any time soon because we are still so early in the growth phase, so we agree on that

    how soon might FI reach £100m, then could it progress on to £150m, £200m, £300m or more, but at what point does the cycle reach maturity, player turnover might still be high, but the amount of money being traded on FI starts to steady out over a period of time

    love to know what the 5 year plan for FI is, fingers crossed it is to bring in EU countries, explode is the absolute right word for it

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