German league drops?

  • Do you think we will see drops on a lot of the German league players due to the winter break? Mainly in regards to the big PB players in that league

  • @AJH1982

    I recall there being a drop during the back end of Nov and the 1st 3 weeks in dec and then people starting to buy back again as we got closer to them starting up again.

    Whatever drops there are will be temporary and a great opportunity to top up.

    If they do a similar promotional drive to last years “try January” then any resurgence will be exacerbated by this as well.

  • @AJH1982 I have already seen quite a drop in many of my German holds. Not sure whether this is due to the PB changes though.

  • I generally have a few german players and if I remember rightly there was a drop last season but it wasn’t anything significant i think some of my holds may have drop 10p or at most 15p but bounced back higher towers the end of their winter break

  • I was waiting for the big drops last year and not much happened.
    Europe cup competitions and euro2020 players from all league will keeps priced up imo.

  • Thanks all. I joined December last year so wasn't sure what to expect.

  • @Advinculas-Index was there always the 500 week trial prior to try Jan?

    If not try Jan might not be as boost, I know a month is better than a week to get someone hooked, but think most people who may have been tempted by now would have taken up the continuous week trial for the 500/1000£.

  • If my German stock dips big, I will pile on in. Germany should be high on the list of any mb foreign papers to be included, or index opened to.

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