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  • Is there an app for the android, can't find one anywhere, ifso does anyone have the link?

  • @NewUser434312 said in Android app:

    Is there an app for the android, can't find one anywhere, ifso does anyone have the link?

    I have the Android app (but prefer using my laptop). If you scroll down to where the T&Cs, Gambleaware, etc are, on both the original website and the new test Beta site.

  • It keeps saying 'item not found'

  • @NewUser434312 said in Android app:

    It keeps saying 'item not found'

    You have to get it directly then from your smart phone. Go to Google Play and search for "Football Index". The latest version should come up and then install it.

  • Does anyone else think the 24hr/7 day figures are a load of bollocks?

    I cant say for certain because I havent really been bothering with FI too much this week but according to the app I'm up 1.2% today.

    As I said, I cant be certain but I'm 99.9% sure that im up about £11 today which is less than 0.1%.

    I know this figure can be distorted by selling players who were in the red or the green but I havent traded a single future since the wknd

  • @MickTurbo the 7days and 24hours always are counted as in point of time. So right now the 24hours profit between 22:40 of 12.11.2019 - 22:40 of 12.11.2019. That's why I don't really pay much attention to it. You could have seen a sharp rise of value on 22:39 and it wouldn't be reflected anymore.

    The "all-time profit" is on the spot for me so far down to a penny

  • @Antierror yeh cheers mate, I should have been more specific though because I did actually realise that, couldn't be bothered to type it though lol.

    Theres no way I've made what it says I've made in the last 24hrs though

  • @MickTurbo yea fair enough, the 24h figure is probably more so an indication rather than anything. Good to see what's going on

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