Kroos vs KDB

  • Thoughts and rationale?

    I feel Kroos is far more consistent, despite KDB posting the higher scores when he actually does win PB..

    Both in strong club and national teams and with the euros in mind, who do you feel is the better hold?

  • Kroos... 220+ only played 60 mins lol.

    Kdb rotates more.

  • Owned both for a couple of weeks. Kroos has been phenomenal for me but KDB is working his way back from recent injury and once he gets going again there’s no stopping him. Simple solution, get both!

  • @Heinstein Kroos looks to have star man today after only playing 62 minutes which im very impressed by. You might be right he looks at this period in time to be the most consistent player on the index along with Messi

  • I personally wouldn’t pay over £1.50 more for KDB rather than Kroos

  • @ChazFI123 ill pay what ever it takes to ensure a steady stream of dividends and for me that means holding both

  • I hold both but think Kroos is probably a more consistent PB player and over £1.30 cheaper. What Kroos did today was phenomenal, getting subbed after 62 minutes and still winning star man on a double match day, not many players could do that.

    Payday for a lot of people tomorrow and I wont be surprised to see Kroos at around £4.50 tomorrow.

    Kroos, KDB and Messi are all must haves in my opinion

  • KDB has a better chance of massive scores as he creates more and better xG. He also has a better chance of media (however never gets it).

    Both great holds, both pushing the attacking midfielder market up

  • Kroos has won top mid × 2 and star man × 1 in 8 days at a time when elite PB is right under the microscope. I see him flying again tomorrow when many will be getting paid 💰

  • It's madness isn't it, he suits the pb matrix perfectly. The most crazy bit is just how much room there is for growth in him too, so I'll keep topping up where I can.

  • Hes even managed to win too mid when being on the losing side which is pretty special

  • Interesting to see both of these guys at the top spots for tonight. KDB looks like he's gonna win, Kroos still scoring very well without any goal involvement

    EDIT: this aged well lol, save for a wijnaldum goal to get his hat trick

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