Which player is still to rocket?

  • Looking to invest some money but unsure who to invest in.

    Can anyone help. Not sure who I’ve missed out on!!

  • Aouar ruiz griezmann

  • Hazard and Pogba are two big names who are yet to go

  • There are so many imo. The new PB matrix looks like less of a lottery than its ever been so finding players with good PB base scores is key as aside from the elite players these are the players that stand the best chance of snatching some PB wins

  • I think Rashford looks great at the minute - on a massive dip but mainly due to Uniteds form, he’s had a great game tonight and finally stuck away a penalty as well as a wonderful free kick, nobody will be budging him off set pieces and if man united put a run together I don’t see why he can’t close the huge gap between him and sterling, he’s got mb potential and you’ve got the euros as a cushion next summer as he’s bound to feature. Really reckon he’s a safe bet.

  • Dan axel-zagadou at borrusia dortmund. He will rocket one day. 👍

  • @Harmonica I was looking at him yesterday but he doesn’t seem to be playing much right now which is going to hold him back from growing in the current market.

    Decent shout if you are thinking longer term but could drop off slightly more before any rise begins.

  • +1 Rashford. Picking up form and has a bright future ahead of him.

  • Sergio Cordova.

    FC Augsburg second from bottom in the league.
    Goalscorers not scoring
    Cordova finally fit
    Augsburg will try something different end of Jan
    Cordova has come on in the last two games.

    Prognosis: Shit, don’t buy. Augsburg relegated and Cordova sold to glue factory.

  • Of the players I hold, I still think Thiago, Kimmich, Ruiz and Dybala have a good bit of growth left in them. Especially Dybala now it looks like he’s nailed down a first team spot, has already won star man recently and posted a score of something like 183 tonight with no goals or assists (I think)

  • Oliver Torres - Sevilla - 90p

    Posted some good PB scores. He is less than Ocampos, Jordan and Benega and still hitting similar PB scores. He’s been slowly rising this week and after Atletico Madrid this weekend, Sevilla have some favourable fixtures.

  • @ChazFI123 yeap 183 whitout any bonus. If he was on pens in place of Ronaldo PB win again today...

  • Mahrez if he gets in the city team as he can post some massive scores and could be easily £4 in time

  • Leon Goretzka - Bayern Munich -1.84

    Returning from injury and has risen nearly 50p this week. Over the coming weeks/months he has the potential to be a lot higher.

  • @BeanDrown United also kick off early saturday morning. If rash can continue this form he could win mb and put himself in contention for pb on the first gold day.

    Trents rise based on div potential. Hes won 17p pb/mb divs so far this season. Rashford come the end of tonight will have won 17p in pb/mb divs this season. Different positions granted, but there will be a correction in pricing over the next month or so imo. With pogba out he will also be the most likely united media darling.

    Had rashford converted his pen sunday, he would have won star man and his pb numbers when playing out wide appear to be better than when hes been playing up top. He hasnt had the opportunity play out wide all that much with martials long injury lay off. In fact wide players generally tend to suit this matrix more than out and out centre forwards.

    Edit: i misread the buzzbot stats for trent divs from the 18/19 season instead of this season, he actually has 17p in pb/mb divs so far this season, not 12p as mentioned b4. So him and Rashford are neck and neck. Sorry, didnt mean to mislead anyone, was a genuine error, than you @CJ0101 for bringing that up

  • Go get proven Pb winners, so mich value out there right now. Kimmich, TAA, Kroos, Alberto, Golovin, Depay, Thiago, Brozovic. Heres the highest winning PB div players for the last 50 days, have a look and see who you fancy.


  • Martial could easily get a big rise yet. Its good that rashford won MB last night and now 4.23.

    I don’t think Utd best striker will remain under £3 for long.

    I think an MB win for Martial and a decent PB score will see him shoot up, people are really reacting to dividend wins.

    He was £3.50 in April I think so has the market to buy him.

  • @Tom77 a post about martial a day keeps the doctor away 😉

  • @ChazFI123 said in Which player is still to rocket?:

    @Tom77 a post about martial a day keeps the doctor away 😉

    Not really sure why you have a stalker obsession about me posting about martial.

  • Sold some of my biggest risers and jumped on a couple of new ones today who still have potential to see some big rises in November as haven’t felt the wave yet.

    Paco Alcacer: just coming back from a month long injury. Dortmund have struggled for goals without him and he’s there only true out and out centre forward it seems. Big dip on peak price and well capable of 2/3 goal games.
    Also has potential to go deep in Europe and has Euros

    Alex Witsel: Good PB scorer who although plays defensive mid has 2 goals and 3 assists already this year.
    Again has potential to go deep in europe and has euros

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