Which player is still to rocket?

  • @Yellow This is a joke aint it? geezers 56 years old and is only 32p because of that one high score and people pumping him.

  • @LampardCulture Must be injured a lot if he has only played 133 games at 56. The Spanish Uncle of Andy Carroll and Jack Wilshere maybe?

  • Last couple of days to make the most of the 3% bonus I've been topping up my smallish holds in Ceballos and Pellegrini.
    Ceballos has shown he has pb game, just being rotated, probably whilst he adjusts to the prem lg physicality and the squad, sounds keen to stay so mb chances will be there about any transfer. Think he will be a key cog in the future of arsenal (or real) and Spain. Currently in a dip, I'm currently only buying in market dips or player dips.
    Pellegrini again has shown pb potential. Broken foot is holding him back, was estimated as 3-10 weeks out.. But looking at similar players heading towards over 3£, think he's pretty safe to get on now whilst inj and could rise big when back amongst it. Has had the injury dip, small rises showing others are starting to port up in anticipation.

  • @Westy I've noticed spain seem to use ceballos as a forward which makes me think he may be re-classified for the summer, making him very hot property no doubt.

    At first I thought the way spain used him was a reason to get rid but now I think it could be a big reason to keep.

    I'm-25p on him at the minute, all of my arsenal holds have tanked. Even tierney has dropped a fair bit but I'm still green on him @+14p

  • @MickTurbo yep very versatile, should be arsenal no. 10, behind pepe, auba, Lacca... Goals n assists party... May be used to cover voldemort (xhaka) but I'd rather see willock or Torreira there, or even Chambers.
    For euros I agree a switch to fwd could be good. He will stand out anyway. The more I watch the more impressed I am. He's a presence on the pitch, bigger than you imagine, great control and possession play, similar to rambo at his best without the hammy going every 2 games (so far).

    Just bought more Pogba too. Fully believing in the buy the dips strategy, feels awkward, but reaped biggest rewards recently by doing so.

  • Still think Kimmich can get a bit closer to Trent in Price, thought he was 27 ish, amazed he's only 24.

  • @Yellow

    What are you using for this graphic?

  • @Chap Footy index scout

  • Rashford, mb master and near £5 before utd loss of form. Surely safe as they come. I hold by the way so in some ways you could say I'm pumping but il be investing more when I can

  • Jordan and Coutinho.

  • Just bought into Bruno fernandes. He hasnt risen at all as he not in pb currently but will get links in january and also euro and summer if he doesn't move to a pb league in jauary

  • Giovani Lo Celsco - the slipping GIANT 👍

  • Bentancur at Juve, just hit the £1 mark, gone from being a bit part to a full gamer, was on the corners last night and hit 199 PB score, at 22 he's just going to go higher. I reckon he'll be £2 before the end of the season with more game time.

  • @Eagleeyehawke I really like this guy as a player, thought about investing for quite a while, only thing holding me back was he wasn't a regular starter, and if he has the ability to post those peak scores. But he now seems to have put himself into the eleven

  • @ChazFI123 Filled in the Pjanic role but Pjanic will be back soon so I wouldn't expect to see him posting scores like last night too often. One for the future for sure and some opportunities for him this season when Juve are rotating. If Pjanic were to get a season-ending injury tho then he probably becomes £2.50 straight away.

  • @Mundek said in Which player is still to rocket?:

    Giovani Lo Celsco - the slipping GIANT 👍

    Not for much longer hopefully, just regaining fitness to coinciding with an improvement in form for Spurs? When Poccetino plays him & he posted a decent PB score I expect to see some market reaction to his current price & should he nail a PB win early on then potential fireworks - quietly confident in this one.

  • @janner73 didn't realise that, also a score of 125 with the multiplier in a game where his team had 66% of the ball is a worry. Think my Ronaldo money won't be going on him then!

  • @ChazFI123 He's definitely one to watch for the future - I like him as a player but competing against Pjanic in that Juve midfield is almost impossible. He's probably the long-term replacement for that role as and when Pjanic moves on but I guess that's a few years away.

  • @janner73 yeah I think it's gonna have to be Gundagon or Dybala top ups for me. Leaning towards Gundagon

  • @Eagleeyehawke

    Bentacur,again covered Pjanic - Sarii said few day's ago that he can fill up the gap for few games cos Pjanic is injured and he did,he rised few penny last week but will be bck on bench. Ppl pumping him cos he score good PB points but when you look at the beginning of the season he just played little over 300 minutes and there is too big competitions on his position (Ramsey, Khedira, Rabiot, Can, Mathuidi) and no Euro!

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