How is Ronaldo £3.39 with the current trend?

  • I’ve been looking to invest in a pb player and seen that Ron is so cheap.

    Why wouldn’t I invest?

  • Because there are question Mark's over his PB compatability under sarri.

    191 tonight with a GWG worth 108

  • Very old, poor PB since moving to Juventus, rape allegations still factored into his price and it's more and more difficult for him to win MB since it's opened up.

    I do think he has the ability to win a fair few divs come the latter stages of the champs league, but not tempting enough for me to purchase.

  • Given his age he is probably seen as a depreciating asset by most who don’t hold him - with every dividend win he draws a little closer to that dreaded retirement day.

    Of course you could argue that he has at least 2 seasons left at Juve and the Euros with Portugal - he has also been quoted as saying he aims to play until he is at least 40 but that’s a little ambitious even by Ronaldo’s standards.

    I hold him but not sure how much longer for.

  • Dybala is far better for PB than Ronaldo in that Juve team - just look at the scores tonight:
    Ronaldo 191 with game winning goal
    Dybala 183 no goals or assists

  • Same reasons given for Messi's price a few weeks ago. One good timely performance and look what happened to his price last night.
    Ronaldo has two PB wins with one star win so far this season. He isn't playing at his best yet. I think we will see a Messi type rise fairly shortly. It's a gamble but looking at some of the values at the moment an educated one.

  • Sold. End of positive fixture list. As I said on one of the threads:

    Doesn’t want to get involved in build up unless on edge of 18 yard box.

    Doesn’t want ball to feet unless inside 18 yard box. Wants to win game with minimal effort and maximum effect.

    Result= no PB score.

  • The ‘needs goals to post high PB scores’ doesn’t worry me as we are talking about one of the greatest goal scorers of all time - plenty of braces and hat-tricks ahead to hit those 230+ scores on gold match days.

  • Too old. Surprised he's £3+ to be honest....

    Doesn't score well on the PB matrix, at his age now he doesn't get involved in the game either - he's just a finisher.

  • Jumped on Ronaldo yesterday as my 'get back my Zlatan money due to FOMO' - he WILL have at least 2 or 3 amazing games before the end of this season and may well hit £3.60 tops.

    Yesterday I bought him first thing with what on paper was a game Juve should have won by 3 or 4 goals, he was £3.34 at the time, he slowly lifted to I think a high of £3.44 kick off time. Half time he was back down to £3.37 and at time of writing is £3.36.

    Do I ever see him above £4 again? Only if the platform opens up to new countries, then I see him hitting some stupid price as people will as we all have done (I am guessing) buy on reputation and not on platform sentiment.

    Platform sentiment - he is possibly at the right price, but reputation wise he would be higher.

  • @Millerman-again Ronaldo will be retired by the time FI launches in new countries.

  • @janner73 said in How is Ronaldo £3.39 with the current trend?:

    Dybala is far better for PB than Ronaldo in that Juve team - just look at the scores tonight:
    Ronaldo 191 with game winning goal
    Dybala 183 no goals or assists

    Yah but that's how it will be most weeks cos ronaldo will score 30 goals and Dybala more like 10. I think ronaldo is a good hold for the big part of the season... He comes alive in CL knockouts and will win MB and PB.

  • @Vespasian32 Ronaldo 5 goals in 10 games for Juve this season, Dybala 4 goals in 10 games (of which are 4 were sub appearances).

    Ronaldo is a good hold for MB and for the Euros with Portugal - I don't think he's a great PB hold myself but that probably doesn't matter.

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  • 0_1572514027580_upload-3e6b6e3e-69dd-4100-9201-0098865c28cb

    He still looks like a machine

  • @janner73 I've sold my shares in Ronaldo, and think I'm going to top up on Dybala. I think Ronaldo will be a great hold for Portugal and Euro's but I'm less convinced about his value at Juventus

  • @ChazFI123 Exactly my feelings. Ronaldo will still get his odd PB win at Juventus - but he's significantly more goal reliant now. His value for me lies in latter stages of CL and Portugal (they play Lithuania and Luxembourg in the next international break so could score a bucket load in those 2 games).

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