Is the Index set for huge growth?

  • Isn't it already open to some other territories? In which case... single index?

  • @Will78 hopefully, but gambling laws and technical issues I guess. We will see. The media language comment was a good point up above... So mb scoring may need tweaking, as Canada etc mb doesn't really matter, but a big football country would surely need their media included.

  • in my opinion, one monster of an index with £500m market cap is better than 5 separate markets of £100m each

    the bigger the turnover in one place the better, be much more powerful for FI that way

    agree on ironing out the things like MB though

  • @MM we would see a lot of money move off epl players though as they have mb priced in. If mb opens to Bild, Marca etc, money will flood to bayern n real players etc.

    But for that problem, we should get big rises all round as the foreign people buy in.

    Startegy would need some deep thinking.
    Wonder if we would be told before hand, can't really hide it I guess... But that will cause a crash to prem LG players.

  • @Westy We need a Rainman type figure to start collating all media data and total articles produced in other countries so we are ready if it comes to it 😆

  • @Westy maybe they will slowly phase out MB before the introduction of new countries, it definitely doesnt have the same pull it used to have

    Although i cant see how they could make such a massive change.

  • @Black-wolf possibly, there was a note about changing the system though, I think it stays so there is always a pay out every day. Just a new system.

  • @Westy maybe like you said they will do it on just story count but maybe they could distinguish between positive and negative content and apply appropriate scores without being held back by language barriers

  • i think the index has more long term potential if going down the route of PB than MB, so i agree with @Black-wolf in maybe they will slowly phase it out

    if it is opened up to more countries and so much more money floods in, it could well balance out the proportion of funds across more leagues, thus somewhat impacting premier league players

    although i still think the UK would be the heart of the index, after all isnt the premier league most watched league in the world

    i guess it all depends on how FI want to grow

  • @MM They can't phase out MB.

  • @Misto they definitely cant phase it out but they need it to work universally over many languages before they can expand to other countries and for easy future expansion they will need to simplify it

  • Just keeping up-to-date with todays MB race and saw this


    Theres more and more of this happening now

  • @MickTurbo I wish someone would buy some shares in vvd, he’s been dropping for quite a while now

  • @Gregolocky he was one of my biggest holds not so very long ago mate but I'm sorry to say that at present I just dont see any value in holding CB's. Maybe some dirt cheap ones but I dont even have any of them at present

  • @MickTurbo 100% agree on cb’s, waiting for a goal on few of um so I can shift um outta the port

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