Italian league players

  • I don't watch or know much about the Italian league but looking at diversifying my portfolio a bit. Done a bit of research this morning, anyone have advice on.

    Zaniolo vs Pellegrini


  • With a sight on EUR020 and taking into account top teams scoring a lot of goals/holding the ball (for PB)

    Italian players
    Chiesa and Sensi also, but their price is much higher than the others (and imho there is no reason for that for Barella and Zaniolo)

    There is a number of other players which are very much underrated with the new PB structure (Italians and non Italians playing the Serie A)
    Di Lorenzo

    I hold only some of them/not all of them have the same growth % ahead, but definitely their price will grow

  • @NewUser455434 Thanks. Just holding Barella at the moment of those. Castagne my only other Italian league player

  • @NewUser455434
    Bernardeshi covered Costa in last few games but Costa back and Sarii loves him, anyway score over 70points in few minuts yestarday. Bernardeshi G&A records is awful - in last 2 season score only 6 goals, in 19/20 plays 8 games and big 0 and he's over £1?? 🤔 If you wanna good alternative have a look on V. Grifo - bck from injury, rising slowly, won divs in last Italy game, good start of the season with G&A!!

    Bentacur,again covered Pjanic - Sarii said few day's ago that he can fill up the gap for few games and he did, will bck on bench. Too big competitions on his position (Ramsey, Khedira, Rabiot, Can, Mathuidi) and no Euro!

    Better options in that segment!! 🤔

  • I had Pellegrini, fractured his metatarsal. Aiming for mid/late November return. I did't hold and replaced him with Zaniolo...working out ok. 3 goals in 3 games Should get some Italy game time in games coming up. Only plays about 75 mins though. Might be potential PB if he plays full 90 mins.

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