£200 in a euro 2020 investment

  • Any ideas for 1 player Investment with Euro 2020 (and quals) in mind. Looking around the 80p-£1.50p bracket looked at Lenglet, Grujic(al be it may not qualify), G Moreno, Kimpembe, Weghourst, Konrad Laimer

  • In that price bracket Castange

  • Carrasco is my favourite with steady rise close to transfer window in winter.
    As well in my port from that segment I can found V. Grifo and A. Rebic. Both of them underpriced IMO a specially Rebic - bad management in Milan unfortunately but today is a single day so fingers crossed for him 🤓

    And some like Isak, Barella, Skov, Morata, Duda, Vlasic...

  • I hold 3 that are slightly over the £1.50 bracket, Digne, Cancelo and Gundagon. I did hold Kimpembe but sold him yesterday to move some money into a PB player, however I do think he will have a good rise. Rodrigo Moreno/Morata looks a decent price to me, and I think Mitrovic will be £1+ ish come the Euro's

  • If it's solely for Euro 2020 then it needs to be from a good team, so people suggesting players like Isak or Skov, they could easily be out in the group stage. Germany, Spain, Italy, France, you want someone from one of those. Ideally you want your player in the Euro final.

    A few have been mentioned that have a good chance

  • @BradD
    ... and quals he said!! 🤔And look on his list mate.... 👍

  • Di Lorenzo, Kovacic from the main teams all cost <1 pound
    Swiss players like Xhaka, Embalo etc also; Switzerland is currently third but has to play Gibraltar and Georgia

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