Andre Dozzell

  • held this guy for a while, obviously has alot going for him interms of reputation, england youth, promotion etc - but with the new PB is it worth holding him? there was a bit of transfer speculation for him but if he cant get a regular start for ipswich i cant see someone taking a chance on him. thoughts?

  • I bought when the youth bubble was in full swing.

    Problem is, I bought a wank one.

    I can see this lad being a 3 year hold for me and hope in the next 2 years he is used buy the pump and dump big boys.

    Either that or in 2 years time I sell him and wish I had never seen his name.

    Shite buy, shite youth bubble buy, shite, shite, shite.

  • If he's half as good as his old man reckon he could be worth 52p easily.... 👍

  • @Ericali no way was Jason dozzell with a pound lol

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