Selling in sell queue!

  • Can someone answer a question please? Having been on here since summer, I've only sold through instant sell. On Tuesday I put my Richarlison shares for sale on sell queue ( 1st time of using) . Today I can see part of my 265 share holding has been sold as a batch of 100 shares , then a 2 then a 3. Is this right and can someone explain how this works?

  • Yes. It is completely dependent on someone buying futures in the player you've listed AND you being at the front of the sell queue. Basically someone has come along and bought 100 futures in Richarlison, then someone else has bought 2 and someone else 3.

    It is unpredictable when the remaining 160 will sell or how many will sell at a time, but of course the advantage is they sell at 'buy' price (minus 2% commission) rather than instant 'sell' price (minus 2% commission).

  • When you add players to the sell queue you have to wait until someone physically buys the shares off you. There might be 5000 Richarlison in the queue in front of yours, which may take weeks to sell or there may be 100 which will sell in minutes.

    Market selling is all about selling players at the right time to ensuring you're not stuck there waiting for ages

  • @ocs123 ok thanks for reply. So I had £1.88 return for each share and the buying price is £2.12 so does the buyer pay the price I had or the higher price?

  • @Incolrabaaz

    The other person will have paid whatever the 'buy' price was at the time of purchase and you should have received the same 'buy' price value (minus 2% commission).

    i.e. if the 'buy' price was £2.12, you should have received approximately £2.08 per future - the remaining 4p goes to Football Index as commission.

  • @ocs123 ok I got that. So the £2.12 minus £1.88 difference (24p) goes to F1 ye?

  • @Incolrabaaz no, the £1.88 is if you wanted the money right away (without putting them in the selling queue), you should have received the £2.12 minus the commission which is 2%

  • @Incolrabaaz ok ta. So how many shares in total are there in each player? Or is that a stupid question?

  • @Incolrabaaz

    Ah... do you mean you paid £2.12 per future a while ago and sold today for £1.88?

    If so, I suspect that your 24p is circulating elsewhere in the market or has been withdrawn by someone else as profit. Basically you gave someone else £2.12 (which they probably spent on another future in another footballer or withdrew to their bank account) when you bought the future and then someone else gave you £1.88 when they bought the future from you.

  • @ChazFI123 I set a reserve price

  • @ocs123 I paid £2.10 but set a reserve selling at £1.88 for quicker sale, which was about the instant sell price. As for your floating 24p I don't know what that means. It must go to FI surely?

  • @Incolrabaaz

    See above.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the reserve price - all it does is cancel your sale listing if the current 'buy' price falls below whatever reserve you've set. Setting a very low reserve price won't increase the speed of the sale, you're still in the same queue as any other potential sellers.

  • @Incolrabaaz the reserve price when market selling is only really an insurance for you. When you set a reserve price you still receive the current buy price, however, if the buy price drops to your reserve price then the listing is cancelled. Hope this clears it up, I'd suggest reading the academy pages and all things fi thread to help you understand the platform better

  • Jesus Christ we've made this sound complicated! 🤣

    All we need is a black-board & some chalk! 😎

  • @Ericali Lol . So how many shares are there in each player then Eric?

  • @Incolrabaaz have to get Rachel Riley on here to work out that! 👍

  • @Incolrabaaz when your shares start selling, even it’s only one or two at a time, it’s only yours that are being sold because you are front of the queue.

    If I’ve shares in the queue and the price starts dropping, I take them out and see if the price recovers. It’s a case of playing it by ear as to is there going to be a serious quick drop, how fast do you need the money, have you got the patience to wait etc?

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