I just bought indexgain premium, is there a way to see upcoming difficulty ratings of teams fixtures?

  • I'm sure I have seen people show these before but I can't seem to find them. I am a bit lost with index gain anyway to be honest.

  • Mate, I'd ask the question on IndexGain itself. Tag Bishop and I'm sure he'll help you.

    As for being a bit lost, stick with it. Slack can be slightly confusing at first, but you will get used to it. Check out the introductory materials on the website and learn how to use the buzzbot commands.

  • @Mike_17 thanks bud

  • Signed upto indexgain premium about August. Had a look about, decided I didn't need it so cancelled my subscription. Iirc it was just a case of clicking a button that said cancel premium or something like that. Dead simple anyhow.

    Just got an email saying thanks for my january payment. I'm gonna get on the case now and cancel it cos presumably I've been paying every month without realizing.

    This is just a heads up cos I bet I'm not the only mug this has happened to

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