Justin Kluivert

  • This lad looks underpriced to me compared to others in similar positions? seems to be on good form with Serie A players doing well on the index lately. playing europa league and has a chance to go to euros if form remains, reputation as Kluiverts son and also has Riola as agent. thoughts?

  • Totally agree. Looks very undervalued. £1.20 for a 20 year old attacking mid playing for a good team!!

    Think his price will rise. He scored on Wednesday and is highly rated.

    I’ve just topped up.

  • Shit pb scores and not in Dutch squad. Can see him losing his place in Roma side. I sold him a week or so ago, don't see the value compared to rest of market with the div increase. Good young player but id buy into him later in season as his next FI spike is some way off... Will need to be transfer rumours? His pb isn't going attract buyers.

  • I wouldn't exactly say shit PB scores - 120 ish with only a single non game-winning goal on Wednesday night. That's better than a heck of a lot of forwards.

    Like 90% of forwards on FI, he would need at least a game winning goal or maybe 2 goals to challenge for PB. Unlike @Vespasian32 I don't see him losing his place in the Roma side - yes they'll rotate with their options but he was starting at the beginning of the season when they had virtually a fully fit squad.

    What is against him is he won't make the Dutch squad for the Euros. But when I compare him to older youth who either aren't playing regularly or are yet to even play in a PB league I think Kluivert is relatively cheap but I cant disagree that he's not gonna get rapid price movement anytime soon.

  • Under is just coming back to fitness which will probably reduce his minutes, one starting and one coming on in the second half.
    Prefer Under as an option with euros and potential transfer links in summer.

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