Serie A Midfielders

  • Looking to add an Italian league midfielder to my port today (already hold Pjanic & Barella), ideally one who hasn't had massive recent rise and has potential for PB and reasonable CA. Looking at the following atm, who would you choose from these?

    De Paul

  • I sold Zaniolo as he doesn't seem to cut it with the new PB matrix. He has been nowhere near winning it despite getting GWG recently.

    I hold the other 3 and Pulgar seems the best at getting top PB scores currently.

  • I instead hold Zaniolo - He scored 3 goals over last 3 games with a score of 180 against Udinese (Roma played almost entire game in 10 players and didn’t touch the ball);

    But I don’t think he is the best hold there - Serie A midfielders are so much undervalued. My top holdings:

    Veretout (linked to Arsenal to replace Xhaka)
    Pessina (this is just my personal bet, dong well for now on FI)

  • @Zidave He rarely gets 90 minutes...75 minutes and he's off. Frustrating!

  • @Julian-Noble Just a note, in his last six starts, he's played a full 90 minutes three times. Not bad for a 20 year old, although as a holder it is frustrating to see him be taken off after scoring (last three games).

  • Out of those i would probably say Pulgar.
    Pros: he takes all set pieces for Fiorentina including penalties, is averaging a PB score of around 150 a game so far i believe and won PB a few weeks ago.
    Cons: he has however had quite a decent rise on the back of the dividend increase announcement, but that is to be expected. Also doesn't have European football and won't be in Euros next summer so remains to be seen if his price will suffer as a result (but potentially a good time to top up if it does).

    Orsolini is an interesting youngish prospect but seems very inconsistent; one game he will have a great PB score showing his potential and the next will terrible. Currently on a drop down to around 1.50 from a peak of around 1.80 (i'm guessing cause of how inconsistent he has been) so maybe one to watch if you watch to buy low.

  • I added Pulgar to my port yesterday, big score midweek and looks like he should challenge for PB any time he scores a penalty. Another one to add to your list is Fabian Ruiz, looks a real smart player and I'm sure he'll get linked with going back to Spain at some point

  • @DanW1981 Pulgar or Zaniolo

  • @Con01 Yep...I suppose it was because it was 3 games in pretty much a week. Nice return if IPD.

  • Orsolini was £1.30 before even the bonus announcement. So at the current £1.49 I think he's a good buy with far more up side. He will certainly have his moments and when he does he'll see decent rises, especially being the young, eye catching player that he is.

    De Paul's a very good PB player but Udinese need to sort themselves out.

    Pulgar is really consistent and always has a serious chance of winning PB when he scores. It remains to be seen how he's affected by Castrovilli being IPOd.

    Zaniolo is one there's potentially a of value in. He's only 20! Certainly one of the most intriguing options below £2.

  • 4th goal in 4 games for Zaniolo!
    20 years old...

  • @NewUser455434 Also his 50th appearance for Roma. Big future.

  • Nice assist for spinazzola, dirt cheap at 48p.

  • And also Veretout, I had mentioned him as best bargain...

    He is starting to take penalty kicks .. he did last year at Fiorentina what Pulgar is doing today there (and there is a 2 pound spread between them)

  • @NewUser455434

    I like the look of Veretout. If he starts taking the pens that will see him get done good returns, he’s playing in a very decent team with Europa League games as a bonus and with a price below £1 can’t really see a downside to him.

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