• That’s a pretty brutal drop this morning. He’s not injured or something is he ? Looks a good time to buy in.

  • My personal opinion:

    He was just pumped by a group - he is bad, playing in a bad team which is not part of CL or EL

  • Stats look good. Had a big PB win. Has Euros and an Andorra game coming up. Seems a decent hold to me as a mid who can win PB when he scores/ assists.

  • He's a good PB player, who posts high scores for someone who is less than £1.50. Unfortunately his team are a bit rubbish at the moment.

    I bought in at £1.37 on Monday with the intention of holding long term, but sold yesterday afternoon for a 20% profit when his price peaked pre-match. He didn't win PB yesterday, so it's no great surprise to me that his price has dropped - such is the reactionary way of the market these days.

    But if he drops back down to £1.35-£1.40, I'll buy back in because he's still a good long term PB hold. One mediocre performance doesn't change that.

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