If Rashford scores tmoro...

  • Considering united have the early kick off tmoro - if rashford scores on the first 'gold' day - do we expect him to have a considerable rise?

    Have some spare cash and trying to see who to top up...

  • With the gold days it's one thing scoring a goal, but unless he posts at least about 280, bearing in mind the amount of games that will be played, hes very unlikely to actually win PB.

    That said if he scores the opener, especially if it's fairly early in the game then yes, I think he will probably get a lot of cash thrown at him.

    But the same could be said about and forward in an early kick off. The way man utd are its just as likely to be Josh king getting the opener.

    Espanyol play Valencia at 11am tomorrow, there may have already been a 300+ posted before rashford has a chance to do anything. Hopefully by facundo ferreyra 🙏🙏🙏

  • I'm sure his price will go up if he scores early doors and looks like he's going to post a good score. But to be honest with you, you may as well go to a bookies and just chuck some money on him being first goal scorer haha. Man United attackers aren't too great for PB anyway, I'm sure United will go and set up on the counter which limits his chances of a decent PB score too (unless he's gonna score 2 or 3)

    EDIT- Ole has just said Rashford faces a fitness test for tomorrow too

  • With Kroos and Messi playing relatively easy games tomorrow Star player is very unlikely for Rashford

  • @NewUser383114 to positive wat happens if he breaks a leg!🤔

  • If Rashford does well tomorrow, it's probably more likely he'll win MB than PB.

    The media are taking an interest in him at the moment (2 wins this week) and if he scores and Utd win in the early kick off, there will be more time for them to write about him than any other premium player.

    I don't see him winning PB on a Gold match day though. His PB scores are OK, but not spectacular. He's more of a MB player, with some PB potential on Bronze or Silver match days when there is less competition.

  • topped him up a bit - he's playing well atm

    even if he scores i dont think he will win PB or anything - that was not my question.

    But early fixtures (esp in the prem) get alot of attention.

    And worse case he's decent values and has many pros etc etc

  • @CLACKETT yh mate if u take that approach u wont buy anyone on the index

  • @NewUser383114 as has already been pointed out rash is a media magnet. He is always there or there abouts. Euros, utd forward, young English. smashing 5 pounds plus soon i think

  • @NewUser383114 doing just fine mate.😘

  • Very likely he will rise significantly If he scores in the first half, I think he will see some Rashford gold forward wins this season, his pb scores have improved this season. His best chances will be in the all gold (except last 16) Europa league, there isn't much recognised PB forward competition in there and united are betting favourites to win the tournament.

  • @NallyCat I got a sign up offer at a bookies of 50/1 on United to win the Europa- come on boys!!

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