Which player at the World Cup.....

  • A, do you think will win most combined performance and media buzz?


    B, Will have biggest total rise in price from the first day of the competition to the day of the final?

  • @Stevo do we know what the divs are?

  • @Simon-j good point. No idea but based on current values.

  • I’m going to go with Ozil I think he’s going to drop till Arsenal are at home to Milan 2nd leg stabilise then stay between £2.50 and £3 till the World Cup then his going to play well for the manager and either he will get shedloads of PB in the matches and his manager will end up at arsenal or he will use it has a platform to get to United the roumors will intensify near end of World Cup and over the summer hence MB & PB and Rise has he was a media player around December has a contract rebel and he wants out of Arse bang stadium

    If it don’t happen at least I’ve made up a great thiory :-D

  • I think someone like Toni Kroos has a great chance of PB, Germany will hold lots of possession and he tends to be a bigger goal threat for Germany than Real, probably due to have khedira holding behind him and everything will go through him, my other option is Griezemann if France get it right, they are either very good or terrible at major tournaments but their squad is as good as the best in the tournament

  • @Matt369 I would have chosen griezmann as well. Will have transfer rumours along side playing for surely one of the top 3 favourites to win the whole tournament. Think he could get performance and media buzz as well as highest rise all in one.

    For some reason though I'm still not buying any!

  • @Stevo I havnt topped up in a while, held a few months initially from £3.93 and those two hat tricks in two games payed out in dividends beautifully and also lead to a £1 ish rise in value per future

  • @Stevo unfortunately for FI I think he will move to Barca though rather than prem so can see his price dropping come end of August, he will still be second fiddle to Messi for a couple seasons, after that though he could be the star for Barca so is the sky the limit?? Not sure he will attract enough MB compared to the likes of Neymar to warrant that though

  • @Matt369 I like kroos if he stays fit he’s Germany’s man in the middle and if divs are paid out could be a decent pick . I think he’s also 5/1 to move to united in the summer although I think that’s unlikely.

  • @NewUser121918 Man Utd have even been linked with Neymar today, however I think a Kroos, pogba swap may work for everyone? Just a thought but Utd are linked with every player in a transfer window, have no doubt Ronaldo rumours will be there again this summer too

  • @Matt369 very true. I’m sure moyes was very close to bringing kroos to United at some point. I carnt see Real Madrid letting him go if they did would be a great signing for man united

  • @Stevo Griezemann seems to play better off a target man, so depends on how France play it. It's no coinsidence that his form lifted Wen Costa was available to play. So if they go with Giroud or even Benzema through the centre I can see them doing very well. But if it's Fekir or even Griezemann himself leading the line I think they'll do their usual and underperform.

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