Kroos @ £4.21 Pjanic @ £3.14, Thiago next to rise

  • With the rise in Kroos and Pjanic in recent weeks its clear to see there is value in the midfielder that gets on the ball as often as possible; in teams that often dominant, both their respective leagues and possession in the games they play. One of the players that is the best in world football at that is Thiago Alcantara. Thiago is a proven PB winner, last season only one midfielder currently valued at less than £5 won more PB dividends than him.

    This season he’s still a mainstay in Bayern’s midfield averaging 80 minutes per game this season and playing the full 90 minutes in the last 5 Bundesliga games with a PB max of 259. Comparing this to Kroos with a PB max of 282 and Pjanic at 294, it is slightly lower however Thiago hasn’t scored yet this season, never mind having a GWG so the fact that he managed 259 without a goal or GWG shows that he’s more than capable of winning on any match day if he does score but I will admit it’s a rarity for him to score. Something he has done better than Kroos and Pjanic this season is in assists registering 4 compared with 2 and 1 respectively. He also doesn’t cross as often as Pjanic and Kroos (not on set pieces) but does have more touches and passes on average than them while also managing more tackles per game than Pjanic. It’s also worth noting that he gets rotated more internationally than the other two but that could change further on into the season. Thiago already has an implied dividend return of 9p this season, suggesting he has been unlucky not to win any dividends so far and you would expect this to change sooner rather than later. The way PB players are growing right now, as soon as he does win, I would expect his price to go above £3.

    All three teams could feasible win their leagues this season, Bayern and Juve are almost certain to, while also progressing far into the CL. The three of them will also be playing in the EC in the summer, barring injury.

    I’m not suggesting Thiago should be worth more than the other two (less likely to score and not on set pieces holds him back, competition with Gnabry this season) but with the dramatic rise in price of Kroos and Pjanic, it’s worth noting that Thiago has been relatively flat these last 3 months; especially since they all play in a similar role. I firmly believe that Kroos could be £5 if he wins on Saturday, and that will make Thiago and Pjanic look great value. In particular though I can’t see any real reasons why a proven PB winner in a team that will go far in the CL should be less than £3 with the new dividend increases. As always do your own research.

    Something interesting I learned when researching these players is that Pjanic and Kroos both have the exact same Implied Dividend return of 22p. However, Kroos has won 15p while Pjanic has only won 10p. This might show that Pjanic may be better value if you were going to choose between Kroos and Pjanic.

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