Scott mctominay

  • With Scott mctominay seeming to drastically drop back down close to the pound Mark, what's peoples thoughts....worth a punt or a miss

  • Miss, people bought hoping he would choose to play for England
    He is a decent player but defensive mid with no great PB scores, I would personally avoid although i’m Sure others may disagree

  • @Ermejo yeah I agree on the England part. I reckon if he drops to say 95p it could possibly be worth a shot in the hope he might hit the £1.20s but it's a very long shot

  • Now the wee young laddie has choosed Scotland there’s not much Call for players in a World Cup year in March with zero media and zero performance buzz value. If you want a defensive midfielder your better off with Dier Who I’ve just sold most of has he’s English at World Cup well about 1/8 to go with bookie and you can pick him up for less than the Scottish lad! When people bought young Scott they bought knowing risks and implications being seasoned FI traders. I’d not advise you to buy or not as that’s your choice however he’s not someone on my shopping list

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