• What do we think will happen with him now?

  • Just one of those nights. On another night, could have had a hattrick. Home to Bruges on Weds, so good chance to bounce back quick.

  • @Hotspur He ended the night with a score of -4 but as you say could and should of had a hat-rick.

  • What will happen to his price?

  • That was one of the worst performances I've seen for a while. Check out his stats - 18 touches in 94 minutes, only 6 completed passes and 4 big chances missed!

  • @Bezz82 well, 6 passes in 90 mins, 1 shot on target vs 4 off target doesn't look good especially in a team like PSG. Even when he scores, his PB is low.

    Could be decent for MB if he ever makes his way to the Prem.

    He's the classic example of a player who would need a hat-trick + gwg + low scores elsewhere to be in contention.

  • @Metropolis

    Exactly that...!! And why he his £2+... I don't know 🤔
    Anyway, Tuchel likes rotation so I'll not be surprise if Cavani jump in for the nxt game instead!

  • @Mundek Cavani is an interesting one. Great player but so much speculation at the moment. Not sure what to make of his situation...

    There's a lot of hype around Icardi. I guess people knowing he'll have chances galore with ADM next to him. Not anticipating him missing them all though!

  • @Metropolis

    I think Cavani will be good for nxt 30 IPD days and maybe 10-15% cap, of course depends on Tuchel decisions (will play him or not ), after that as well transfer buzz (if not) so med hold should be OK 👍

  • Icardi had no service in the first half... All team was shoking! He hit the post in the 2nd and miss some half chances... Di Maria missed a clear chance from his pass! I watched all game. Just a bad game... What is the point of this thread? To create panic and pump Cavani ? He scored 2 points btw!

  • I sold up on Icardi because I'm absolutely unconvinced that he can ever win PB. Happy to be proved wrong but his PB scores never seem to be high even when he scores a brace. So what is he? An expensive IPD player?

  • @BradD He HAS won PB though :p
    6 top forward and 2 top player.
    Granted not for a while, but he does post scores that mean he will be there or there abouts sometimes.

  • @BradD said in Icardi:

    I sold up on Icardi because I'm absolutely unconvinced that he can ever win PB. Happy to be proved wrong but his PB scores never seem to be high even when he scores a brace. So what is he? An expensive IPD player?

    When you consider other strikers that are available between 80p-£1.50 icardi looks extremely overpriced.

  • I owned him about the £1.60 mark and ended up selling due to low scores most of the time and competing against neymar and mbappe he will struggle to ever win it. Was slightly annoying that he went up as much as he did but I can see him coming back down to that befor to long

  • All people instant sell Icardi now... Madness! Because of posts like this one... Minus 38 pennys from yesterday and a 20 penny spread only because of one bad game!!! Nice to see Mbappe is almost 8 pounds... not winning anything!

  • FI is a gold mine! I wish there were more posts like that.

    Buying opportunities for everybody! You can sell a player BEFORE a game and BUY after the game and make a ton of money. The average FWD scores once every 2/3 games while people are expecting them to score every game or post 200+ every game.

    You can sell a player like Icardi before the game on Friday and buy him back on Monday morning before CL and you can get up to 70% capital appreciation just playing on irrationality. I think this will be the greatest value of the platform as the base increases and more people looking for short term rewards put their money in

  • True... i made a mistake holding him... i didint believed so many sheeps will sell after just one bad game! Lesson learned!

  • @NewUser455434 whilst I agree that this sounds s good idea, your suggestion that you could earn 70% capital appreciation inside a week on a player like icardi doing this is absolute bollocks. His current price is 1.99, so make it easy, 70% of £2 would be £1.40 and there is no way you would see this

  • Yeah he's bound to get busted doing Drugs, i can see the headlines now.

    "Icardi and Coke"

  • If you bought him at 1.6p, sold at 2.3p (which is less than it’s max, so even IS would have worked - he did not have a 20p spread the day before the game) you would have made 40+% (+IPDs)

    He will go back to 1.8 by Mon morning; you buy him again and wait for him to score once or twice - he goes to 2.15-2.2 and you sell again.

    And continue like that making triple digit profit over people irrationality

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