Forum Makeover (slow progress?)

  • Noticed a few small changes creeping in recently or is it just my eyes? Top banner now says 'Forum' (cant remember what it said previously?) and tonight we have the official logo in top left?

    It's new right? 🖕

    The start of a full Makeover maybe? Will wake up one day to dark backgrounds and sticky threads? Who knows...

    Forum feeling some love from FI?

  • The name definitely changed to just say forum. I'm not sure if the logo was already there or not?

    You can set the background dark already in the settings as well

  • this will all stop now that Brexit thread has been bumped

  • The logo is new but been there a couple of weeks I think.

    Looks like they're sorting their branding. Been changes on Twitter. Their different accounts have different colour schemes.

  • @Allams-Out yeah i noticed the app logo tile has changed. Looks a lot darker now. There seems to be a lot of brand exposure out there recently so probably a good time to freshen things up. Im feeling really optimistic about the way the index is going at the moment and not just because of the recent matrix & dividend changes

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