Granit Xhaka

  • were are his media point coming from add them up for the 3rd time they don't add up well over the top

  • They stop adding stories at some stage but if you searched on a assure u there will be loads and loads

  • they have doubled his score

  • All stories show on the app version but not the normal site, I think there must be a technical limit to the number of stories that can be shown on the normal site, maybe around 15.

  • Looks in the mix for another mb run. Angering fans again in another interview. Between him and any Liverpool City game news today.

    But then we have 3 treble media days coming so he could dominate the next few days divs.

    Wonder if Switzerland will play him? Will he use that as another limelight chance, perhaps a FU arsenal t-shirt? Refuse to come back to London? Who knows.

    Previous peak was 1.07, back up to 1.0 today.

    As a gooner I'm glad we are getting shot of him hopefully. Need a more mobile dm or atleast a brute of a dm. Got excited when I thought Chambers was going to play dm yesterday, only to see 3 cbs at the back and just Guendouzi in midfield... I think we will get rid of Xhaka in jan. Then it will be interesting to see where he goes, as he pb could be better, was better under Wenger, could go back on to set pieces and could be a lesser teams key man. German league would probably suit him or Italy.

  • @Westy been thinking the same, plenty of MB opportunities between now and January and potentially a good PB player at the right club if gets set pieces.

    Would be fantastic at a club like Schalke or a return at Gladbach.

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