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  • Has anyone done any analysis of how leagues compare to each other? I'm wondering if players in some leagues have better chance at PB prizes than others.

    E.g. More goals in Bundesliga & Prem, more yellow cards in La Liga, Ligue 1 weaker league etc

    Answer might be that there's nothing of note but feel there must be a difference. Or am I talking sh1t? Had a few beers so probably :)

  • @TotalPunt there are the FIFA co-efficient rankings which basically state the obvious that the EPL and la liga are the hardest. From memory serie a and the bundesliga are about on par and ligue 1 is on par with the Portuguese primeira division.

    This is why it's generally agreed that neymar to la liga would not be beneficial for his PB, and pogba to PSG would benefit his PB

  • @MickTurbo I'm coming at this more from a pure PB angle and whether any league has particular facets which enable higher PB scores for players. I guess first step would be to simply look at average/high/low PB stats by league and see if there are differentials.
    Essentially the PB matrix is the same for everyone, but each league has different styles of play and I just wonder if certain leagues offer up better chances of PB winners.

  • @TotalPunt I think the calibre of opposition is maybe a bigger factor although last season, when CB's were a lot more competitive, the bundesliga did seem to be chocka block with CB PB kings

  • I did a quick bit of research pre-season and posted the below on a thread a number of months ago. It's based on the 2018/19 season and should give you one or two insights...

    As for IPDs. I don't have the time to find out how many assists and clean sheets each league had last season (although someone else might) but below is how many goals were scored in each league. Obviously more goals scored, more IPD payouts.

    English Prem - 1,072
    Serie A - 1,019
    La Liga - 983
    Bundesliga - 973 (only a 34 game season)
    Ligue 1 - 972

    Interestingly, if you pro-rata the Bundesliga up to a 38 game season like the other 4 leagues, they would be the leaders on 1,087.

    On average there are more goals scored in Bundesliga per game week than any other (28.6 goals per GW) with Ligue 1 being last with 25.5 goals per GW.

    A couple of interesting clubs from a goalscoring IPDs standpoint...

    Atletico Madrid finished 2nd in their league with just 55 goals scored. No other team that finished in the top 3 of their league scored less than 63.

    Levante scored 59 league goals despite finishing 15th in La Liga. No other club that finished in the bottom half of a PB league scored more than them.

    Nice, who finished 7th in Ligue 1 scored just 30 goals. No other club that avoided relegation from a PB league scored less than that. Other poor scorers include Amiens (31), Rayo Vallecano (32) and Bordeaux (34).

    PSG scored the most goals with 105. 10 more than second placed Man City.

    Atalanta were the only club to score the most goals in their league and not win the title. They scored 77 with league winners Juventus scoring 70.

  • @BradD Thanks for re-posting. I guess those are total goals figures by league? That's probably a decent measure as that probably means more chances, more key passes, assists, crosses maybe etc.

    Reason I ask the question is that it feels like the Bundesliga are offering up the most amount of PB candidates....but thats just a feeling, without empirical evidence. The fact they have highest goals per game might help support that view, but goals probably aren't the only angle.

    If I had a laptop which wasnt locked down for non-work stuff and more time on my hands I might do some deeper analysis on this.

  • @TotalPunt 0_1572736690565_1562695101793-payouts-by-league-resized.jpeg

    This what you're after? 🤔

  • @Ericali Yeah, that's probably exactly what I was thinking of 😆

    Thanks. When did the new PB matrix come into effect, start of this season? Will be interesting to see impact of that downstream....thanks again Ericali 👍🏻

  • @TotalPunt yeh, that's the back end of last season - April.

    New PB came into effect this season so probably no one has data compiled long enough to act as a definitive scale.

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