ohhhhh what a wonderful Timooooooooooo Weeeerner Gold Day it is

  • Well done to Timo Werner for winning the first 16p dividend in the new GOLD Match Days....and well done to me for having a nice amount of futures invested in him.....What a great day

    Oh and for good measure well done to South Africa in winning the rugby...hehehehhe


  • You were doing so well up until the final comment :)

    Tbf SA deserved it, they played the perfect game against us.

  • I hold 90 werners so looking forward to a couple of quid tomorrow. I hold 150 Nkunku's so gutted he finished 2nd midfielder for the day.

  • @Harmonica I had Halsenberg leading top defender for a little while this afternoon also...GOLD days are deffo a great feeling when it comes up and so happy to win the first one as I sure most weekends I wont get the 16p

  • @TotalPunt Didnt even see the game as not a big rugby fan but obviously don't wish England to win at any sport

    Though before anyone else gets upset (I know you you didn't by the way) I do love England and English people having spent a lot of time in England....Its just a bit of fun with some harmless sporting rivalry from a happy Scotsman tonight

  • 0_1572741184274_Screenshot_20191103_003147.jpg sweet.

  • At least we didn’t get knocked out in the group stages. It’s really embarrassing when that happens - just ask the Scots!

    To be fair though Japan are a rugby superpower (cough cough), so it’s understandable why Scotland didn’t get through.

  • Did people receive there match day dividends?

  • See my post above. 90 x 16p = boom

  • Gutted. I only hold 12 of werner as I'm waiting for the rest of my sancho to sell. I got 80 moussa dembele and could only afford 12 Werner! Consolation was 1 goal from dembele. Both are my top ups for the next month to have 100 minimum in each..

  • @Dan-w don't sweat it, get on poulsen( this is a pump). Werner stole the spotlight yesterday, but Leipzig have 5 eligible games if you bought today(CL against zenit and benfica, and Hertha, cologne and Paderborn in the league). Denmark have 2 games--Gibraltar and Ireland in the euro qualifiers. Currently a third of the price of werner

  • @Moukoko I've had poulsen In the past, decent shout although I'm condensing my portfolio down from 18 players to 5 or 6. Mainly PB players but also with future transfer speculation.👍

  • There’s a great chance he could win another star man soon. Leipzig are up against three bottom half teams next in the Bundesliga and playing Zenit in the Champions league.

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