Does a player like this exist in FI?

  • Ok so I’m looking to invest in 1 player and have £700 to spend but needs to meet the following criteria:

    1. Plays 90 minutes most games
    2. Plays in a PB league
    3. possible chance of playing in the euros
    4. Cost is no more than £2 per share
    5. Suits the PB matrix so maybe takes corners or is the play maker in midfield
    6. Want this to be a long-ish term hold so under 30 years of age

    I’m sure a player with all of the above will be £3.50+ but is there anyone out there who ticks most of my boxes? Looking for CA and a small chance of winning the odd PB.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @OldhamSam Thorgan Hazard and Cengiz Under are 2 that come to mind straight away.
    Dani Ceballos if he drops another penny will also meet the bulk of the criteria.

  • T Hazard has been a bit part player this season unfortunately. Shame because he could be very good for PB if he played 90 minutes every week.

  • 90 mins every week with that kind of style.

    Bit over and a forward but Oylazerbal is looking good at 2.36.

    I’m thinking Oylazerbal takes pens also?

    Big summer of transfer spec also.

  • @ocs123 Was earlier in the season but starting to play 90 regularly now - PB score of 216 yesterday with goal and assist. No more rotated than someone like Mahrez who doesn't have the Euros.

  • Gundagon is all of those things. £1.70 something I believe. Scored 183 yesterday, with a booking and no goals or assists

  • Some who fit most but not always all of your criteria, with current prices, please DYOR;

    Tolisso 155p, Pellegrini INJ 2.00, Sarabia 134p, Ascensio INJ 141p, Rashida 175p, Bamba 144p, Milojevic 84p, Richalison 188p, Sigurdsson 84p, Fekir 177p, Marquinos 139p, J Rod 150p, SMS 190p, Goretzka 182p. Lo Celso 180p

  • Milot rashica suits the majority of your criteria. £1.75. Could still qualify for the euros with kosovo. Plays every game when fit but does get taken off around the 80th+minute which will hinder winning PB. There is plenty room for growth and improvement. I think he's only 22/23 yrs old. The other player springs to mind is Trossard for Brighton. Attacking mid £1.39. Likely feature in the Belgium squad for the euros but unsure if he will break into the first team. Possibly does suit the PB matrix but need to see him play more games. Just came back from injury but did well last week off the bench and this week scoring and assisting again off the bench. Hopefully he starts against man united next week

  • I'm with @ChazFI123, I think you'll do very very well to find a better match than gundogan

  • Leandro Trossard- £1.39.
    Currently meets most the criteria. Just back from injury and scoring and assisting in his first 2 games back. Broke into the Belgium squad just before injury.

  • Timothy Castagne 82p
    Plays regularly in an attacking Atalanta team in a pb league and euro competition. Plays as a wingback and also recently played for Belgium also.

  • @OldhamSam the best fit i can think of for your criteria is Benjamin Mendy although he doesnt get 90 minutes regularly its worth remembering that he is city first choice left back and is still returning to full match fitness. Once hes fully fit id imagine he will play most games but obviously city use a lot of squad rotation so he wont play every week as is the case with most city players.

    One other u hold and is worth considering is Arthur at Barca but obviously wont be involved in the euros

  • Harvey Barnes of Leicester meets most of the criteria.

  • @OldhamSam Playing around with filters like this on IndexGain* tools you can get a decent list of players who fit all your criteria. All should be friendly to PB matrix, but you'd need to dig a little further for dead ball takers etc and whether they have a decent chance of playing in the Euros. There's a couple of names mentioned in this thread that crop up.


    *these filters are for 19/20 data, can change to include 18/19 season too and filter up minimum games.

  • @OldhamSam ricardo rodriguez Milan and Switzerland. Unfortunately he is currently injured, but if you aren't looking for ipd, buying in preparation is a good shout. 54p

  • Already mentioned, but T Hazard is your man. I've held since I came on here and been topping up with divs. Goal and Assist yesterday should cement him fully back into the starting line up.

  • I also went for Thorgan Hazard. Underpriced after a slow start to the season at a new club but now featuring more heavily. There is a lot of potential in his price and he'll be involved all the way into the Euros.

  • Gundogan and Thorgan Hazard I agree with, Milot Raschica is another one I'd throw into the mix.

  • Looking for a similar player torn between gundogan and Mendy swaying towards gundogan at the moment but not sure wether maybe am missing someone else potentially better

  • Was thinking about Thorgan as well but winter break putting me off a bit

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