Konrad Laimer underated

  • Current holder of Konrad Laimer and wondered what simialr holders felt with regards to further growth in player. Personally feel undervalued and possibly overlooked compared to Sabitzer, Poulson, Werner, Halstenberg ect. Good young prospect, Austrian international with potential view to Euros if they qualify and improving PB scores. Worth doubling down or time to cash in?

  • Solid hold, almost 100% profit on him but I don’t see why he wont at least go up to £1.30ish so I’m not selling yet. Especially since Leipzig are top of their CL group and look likely to have another season near the top of the Bundesliga. The fact that he’s competing with Sabitzer for PB is the main thing holding him back in price. Sabitzer has managed three scores over 200 this season and won PB twice (star man as well both times) compared with Laimer’s one score over 200 and winning PB once. If they are both on the pitch, the chances are Sabitzer will outscore him.

  • I did look into him but he’s averaging 0.1 shots and 0.1 key passes per game. So it’s a no from me unless he starts improving in attacking threat.

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