Sky sports 'breaking news' - Bale for Sterling!?

  • Just flicked over to Sky Sports news ...

    Apparently, according to Sky Sources: Real Madrid considering making a bid of 70m plus Gareth Bale for Manchester City's Raheem Sterling.

    That's probably the most unbelievable footie news story I've heard all year. Absolute nonsense.

    And, just so you lads all know, I'm 'considering' having Caviar for my supper tonight.

  • @johnboywalker i saw it. Absolutely ridiculous no chance of that imo. 70mil plus a player on his way down for a player on his way up and looking to be one of the best in the world at this moment in time. 🤣

  • haha nothing like madrid trying to unsettle a player, would take at least double plus bale to even consider it reasonable

  • Absolute rubbish - City would laugh that offer away.
    Ive also seen stories elsewhere linking Madrid with Salah, plus they want Mbappe, already have Hazard. The reporting gets worse and worse every transfer window, and I've no doubt this January will be the most volatile one yet on FI.

  • Possibly his agent running up interest, either way, good news if you're a holder.

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  • Under contract until 2023! I can only remember Owen and Beckham in their prime going abroad and Beckham was falsed out! I can’t see it but you never know in football

  • So that's 70m for someone to take Bale off your hands. So what are they offering for Sterlo?

  • Not sure City would accept that offer for Sane, let alone Sterling

  • Yeah it's just not gunna happen is it. Bale is maybe worth 20? Would imagine City would want around 150 for Sterling at this point

  • Just out of curiosity, I saw an article from Guillem Balague recently and was wondering if he still has a role with Football Index? I can’t remember seeing anything from him on here for ages.

  • Atrocious website. Last night's Dijon PSG game, they didn't have Paredes in the team sheet even tho he played.

  • @BradD

    Bale is worth a LOT more than 20 but yeah, it's defo not going to happen.

    But let's say Real Madrid promise Sterling 600k per week, he's going to pissed at not being able to leave.

    I reckon Sterling is the kind of guy who can handle that but it's a huge mind games type trick and over the years we've seen managers lose their bottle when similar things have happened.

    Harry Redknapp could do no wrong until he was rumoured to have the England job then he fell to pieces. Last season Pochettino was the most in demand manager, until United rumours were rampant and now he's a shambles. Could be coincidences but it happens far too often.

  • One of the funnier rumours of the year. I know some journalists make claims that they don't make things up and that it is always backed by something...and then you read this. Clearer no traders think that there is any truth to it either. 6 months ago and a silly rumour like this could still cause a spike. Pretty much nothing on Bale's price.

  • City doesn't need money and they do not have a habit of selling their stars -> will never happen.

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