Colin Dagba

  • Thoughts on Colin Dagba as a long term hold, not yet hit a high PB score but surely can't be that far away! Priced at £0.75, which seems cheap for a young full-back starting for one of the best teams in the world.

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  • With Meunier injured should have plenty of chances to prove himself and also just signed new deal

  • I think at 0.75 he’s extremely good value. In a very good side so could potentially get some decent pb. When you look at the price of TAA at the moment you start to think some of these other players who play in similar positions in attacking teams are very underpriced.

    Got a decent cl game coming up on Wednesday to, now be a good time to jump onboard. I’m in!

  • "Thoughts on Colin Dagba ..."

    This is unique.

    Nobody in the history of the world has ever considered, even for a minute this phrase.

    Mr and Mrs Colin Dagba during their courting phase considered what to call their son...Derek, Nigel, Trevor and of course Colin, representing some or the finest quantity surveyors Worcester had to offer...

    They chose Colin.

    Colin Dagba.

    I therefore cannot countenance such a player for investment purposes.

  • @Ellisandro isn’t Colin Dagba , Paul pogba’s Irish cousin

  • I do believe he is, now just need the media to pick up on that and start getting us some coverage!

  • I hold a little bit because of the Meunier injury, then I watched him against Dijon...not great, though the whole lot of them were off that night. Hoping for a bit more in Europe. He's only back from an injury himself so might be worth a punt at that price.

  • @Julian-Noble I was really impressed with him at the start of the season, but that injury set him back,im sure he will start picking up with a couple of good performances.

  • @Ole-ole Nice one, as mentioned PSG were awful against Dijon particularly in the second half and that was my first chance to see him bar a few highlights. So hoping to see more now!

  • Nobody think Kehrer will be the first choice RB when he’s back? I’ll admit I haven’t seen Dagba play much but Kehrer seemed to be selected over him majority of last season...?

    I’m sure they’ll both get chances to prove who should be #1 so could be an interesting little competition to follow.

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