Cash withdrawals

  • Been waiting over a week. Anyone experiencing the same recently?

  • Mine normally take 2 days to hit my account, so that doesn't sound right.

    Have you ID verified your account? Might be worth checking your Spam email folder in case any correspondence from FI has slipped into there.

  • I withdrew funds on 24th Oct (Thur) and they were in my bank account on 28th (Mon).

    I'd be getting in touch with the support team and asking where your money is. Shouldn't take more than 5 working days to transfer to your account, assuming of course it's the same bank account, card is valid and all ID checks are verified on your FI account.

  • Account verified. Wondering whether the recent 3% bonus thing has something to do with it and cashflow. Hopefully not the case. Withdrawals are an important aspect of the product so hoping these can be improved.

  • Like the others have said I’d get in contact with customer support I’ve never had it take longer than 2/3 days unless over the weekend.

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