The Great Monday Night Full Back Price Spike

  • Big surge in full back price surges last night. I don't think any single event sparked it. I'm assuming it was one or 2 big hitters jumped on that gravy train after the recent success of TAA. My Twitter was awash with buy this full back and that full back. I've only got Hakimi to date. Owning defenders does seem decidedly dull. For the vast majority surely you are hoping for a GWG to bring you some dividend joy but they are far from prolific.

    The big question for me though is. Is there any brass to be made in this new trend? Feels a bit faddy to me. I think there is value elsewhere.

  • @Dalien-Smith theres good money to be made in this and as long as trent is doing the business people will continue to look for and pump these players but the reality is there is only a handful of players that can be considered true competition such as Hakimi or Kimmich and a few others but most of these are considered cheat code and may be subject to positional changes

  • @Black-wolf Trent is driving all this. Kimmich has got form but alot of the others I'm not sure about to perform regular. The interesting thing for me looking for the next trend. Some massive risers in midfielders recently (Kroos et al). The next move surely is forwards. Depay and Werner doing well obviously. Depay has Benfica this week. They struggled to handle him in Portugal. He could have decent night. Which would be great for Depay holders but bigger picture is where folk would sink there money looking for a cut price Depay.

  • What I love is the fact that now defenders are catching up to midfielders and forwards in terms of price. And so it should be too. They can all earn the same amount of dividends in their respective category.
    Shame for goalkeepers but that's always going to be a sticking point

  • @Dalien-Smith hope so. Ive certainly put my money down based on the same thinking as you

  • @ScouseSte It's great seeing the full backs doing well. Centre backs don't look so matrix ready. There's only a handful of CBs in top 200 and most of them are showing a downward curve. Their price spike doesn't look to be coming anytime soon.

  • @Dalien-Smith looks like Hakimi is just going to strengthen this trend

  • @Black-wolf which im absolutely buzzing about 💪🏻

  • Only 2 forwards in the top 25 PB scores tonight. No wonder everyone is buying defenders!!!

  • @Coleyscrooge forwards were the biggesloser in the matrix change because of the missed chance negative score.

  • @Black-wolf Buzzing about Hakimi myself. His first goal he struck from the centre forward position after a cut back from byline. What he was doing there I don't know but that was the sort of attacking endeavour I signed up for when I bought my shares.👍👍

  • @Dalien-Smith just need Mendy to continue the trend and ill be beyond happy

  • @Dalien-Smith

    Nice one mate! I have been extremely lucky since reinvesting back in the index on Saturday - Hakimi was my very last purchase with the remaining funds 😜


    The footballindex gods are being very kind of late..Of course it can soon change! Just gotta enjoy these moments while you can !

    Just remembered that defensive goal scorers get 2p for IPDs per goal too don't they?
    Oh sweet Hakimi 😊😊

  • @ScouseSte Nice one. Hakimi looked pure cheat code when I picked him up as he was playing so advanced but he's saved his best for when he reverted back to full back tonight. Smart money does seem to be had in defenders. 4 out of the top 6 pb scores tonight we're defenders.

  • @Dalien-Smith
    Yea I got an assist from him on Sunday but he was in a more winger position then! Mad how he's bagged 2 goals tonight from right back!

  • Looking at tonight. Surely not another Full back Star man. Kimmich at Bayern has got a chance. My main hope for tonight is Kroos though. If we get more full back success though I might have to have a rethink on my indifference to defenders.

  • There are still many full backs playing in CL teams and part of EURO2020 teams.
    I recently got Bernat and Timothy Castagne in this range, but probably they are not the only ones.

  • Bernat is only 93p I see and that's after a 17 price surge. I fancy PSG to do well in the CL this season as well. Interesting.

  • @Dalien-Smith Kimmich, Mendy, Kroos or KDB are my bigger ones tonight

  • @Black-wolf I concur they are big contenders.Interesting line up from Bayern. There defence does not seem to have a recognised CB. In fact I'd go so far as to say Kimmich, Pavard, Alaba and Davies are full backs. The whole worlds going full back mad.

    Should be goals in that one. I fancy tonight's big scorers to come from this game, Paris Or Madrid. I'm hoping Kroos but I'm invested in Mbappe. Hoping he can kick start a movement in a forwards trend.

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