How do you know when new players get added to FI

  • Hi guys

    I am a newbie and looking forward to getting involved!!

    How do you know when new players get added to the index?

    Following a few that are yet to be added

    Any other tips & advice of what to concentrate on would be great

    Thanks in advance

  • @NewUser464179

    This is called an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

    My advice to any newbie is, do not participate in the next wave of IPOs being launched. You will get burned. You will lose money. You won't do it again.

    It is usually advertised in the 'blog' section

    Unless the player is a complete unknown and you know something that the rest of the world doesnt, I would watch from afar ... at least til you learn the ropes.

    There has been talk for years of 'bots' buying and selling IPOs on mass and making thousands, whilst the newbies like yourself all get buttfucked. It's a shite system, but it's what we are stuck with unfortunately.

    Best of luck whatever you decide to do ...

  • I agree with @johnboywalker but to answer the question, I believe the next ipo’s come on from next Monday. Players can be added anytime for that week I think.
    There should be a list of players to be added on the football index news webpage from next Sunday.

  • I can echo what @johnboywalker said, but also recently the ipos came out at very high prices, not sure even the boys bothered with them. Think fi either tried to price bots out of mass turnover, or just thought they'd get away with crazy prices as everyone tries to buy in. So always try and have a rough price in mind if what the player should be worth, compare them to similar players already on the index, and remember think- will they bring in divs in their career?

  • Thanks guys I’ll keep that in mind! 👍

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