For Bundesliga Fans - what do you make of Monchengladbach?

  • So, ten games into the season and Borussia Mönchengladbach top the Bundesliga. Not many people saw that coming! I’m interested to hear from anyone that watches a lot of German football - what do you make of them? Have they been lucky or are they the real deal this season?

    I’m thinking there could be some absolute bargains here if they have a sustained run at the title, or at the very least secure a champions league place for next year. Here are their top ten players rated by WhoScored, along with their FI price:

    1. Plea, ATT, 7.64 rating (£1.45)
    2. Thuram, ATT, 7.46 rating (£1.74)
    3. Zakaria, MID, 7.27 (£1.27)
    4. Bensebaini, DEF, 7.20 (£0.38)
    5. Benes, MID, 7.09 (£1.53)
    6. Elvedi, DEF, 7.06 (£1.36)
    7. Lainer, DEF, 7.02 (£0.73)
    8. Sommer, GK, 7.01 (£0.35)
    9. Neuhaus, MID, 6.96 (£0.91)
    10. Herman, ATT, 6.92 (£0.47)

    I don’t own any of these (yet) so just looking for opinions.

  • Zakaria is a must got on very early with 1000 at 50p as rate this guy massively, being linked with every top club in Europe and most importantly for the utd. He will be over £2 by euros and prob £3 by start of next season if he comes to the premier league

  • @Coleyscrooge haven't seen much of them but from the reviews over the last 18 months they're certainly going in the right direction and could be a thorn in the side of the top sides

    Incidentally are you aware that the club captain has only made 2 sub appearances in the last 2 games as hes coming back from a leg break in April, hes an attacking midfielder who gets involved in build up play, takes penalties and possibly set pieces although not 100%sure on this. And hes only about 50p

  • @Ddr So who is it? That was a tease

  • @Abaalan honestly hadn't realised I didn't put his name, Lars stindl

  • @Ddr 😂

    On topic, i own and really rate zakaria, elvedi (both also Swiss internationals for euros) and Plea looks a real talent.
    All have posted decent pb and won this season (I believe). All around 22/23 age so good age too!

  • Thuram was a little underwhelming at the Under 21s, Ikone outshone him I felt, but he seems to be doing the business for Gladbach, agree with @Abaalan, Zakaria and Elvedi are the two I think are a decent talent, Zakaria is a hold I never consider selling, I really like his style of play, id be over the moon if Utd looked seriously at signing him.
    @mufc .. wow 50p, you snuck in much earlier than I did, you have an eye for a bargain sir!

  • Thanks for the responses! Elvedi looks the most interesting, some good PB scores (123 average, 220 peak this season), plays virtually every game and £1.36 seems a good price.

    Zakaria looks like he has really stepped up his PB game - averaged just 48 last season, but averages 101 this season including a peak score of 294. Is he one of those players that suits the new matrix? Or just getting better with age? I see he’s still only 22.

  • Was on my phone last night, so couldn't respond until now.

    Gladbach is doing very well for themselves but I won't see them finish other than second or third to be fair. They are benefiting from Dortmund's and Munich's relatively poor form so far. However, the bookies have them still listed as outsider with averaging odds of 25/1

    Gladbach's signings have well paid off with new additions like Embolo, Thuram and Lainer. Additionally previous signings such as Plea or Zakaria profit of it. They adapt very well to Rose's tactical idea. Watch the Gladbach video for that here:

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