Hakimi ‘ceiling’

  • After his second two goal game, and pb win, considering he has been used as a winger fairly often in recent games, how much higher realistically do we see him climbing?

  • @janner73 more ceiling talk 😂

    Hakimi is looking world class. His nationality is the only limitation. Has a lot more room for growth yet.

  • @Vespasian32
    I know right - everytime someone has a big rise it seems a thread comes up on their ceiling!!!
    He is absolute quality and like TAA perfect for the PB matrix albeit not quite at Trent's level.
    You're spot on about nationality - I guess the other potential risk is a positional change but does that matter to him that much? No CS today so would have won star man regardless of positional classification.
    There are no ceilings right now - I saw on Twitter earlier that despite a 57% dividend increase the FOOTIE has only increased by 3% since the announcement. We are a long way from ceilings and there is huge growth to come.

  • He doesn't even need to get a transfer either, be back at Madrid in the first team next season if he carries on like this. Considering what just happened with TAA , hakimi should easily get past 3.50 minimum I would think.

  • If you are newish to FI and didnt know, defenders earn 2p per goal scored for IPDs.
    So if you have bought Hakimi after the 3pm cutoff today, even though you wont get the 4p def PB dividends or 4p star player divs, you'll still get 4p of in-play dividends 👍

  • @janner73 Hakimi was playing right back tonight and ive only ever seen him as a winger twice so i wouldnt worry too much about positional changes as i think he only pushes up the pitch when required to do so.

  • @janner73 yeh was making a few comments on that thread or similar on twitter today. I believe the market is hindered by cash flow problems as they did the div increase so soon after deposit bonuses as well as the ipos... And many like me would have spent a lot of money restructuring their port after the mb changes. Quite a few logical reasons why there isn't a tonne of money free to go in the index.

    I also believe FI are holding back from their biggest marketing push until they have improved technology. The move to nasdaq will be incredibly valuable and credible to potential big money 'investors'. I think that will trigger a big sales push and new money.

    So I believe, and am acting on the basis, getting on any 'real' value players now will pay off. Regardless of the price you have to pay. If they are genuinely good players that score well on pb and have no obvious downsides/risks (age, negative transfer, not playing many games etc) then they have no ceiling.

  • @Black-wolf It doesn't worry me because I think even in the unlikely eventuality it happened he'd be extremely competitive in the midfield category.
    Will be interesting to see if Dortmund sign him permanently or he returns to Madrid.

  • @Vespasian32 Completely agree - I think in 6 months time we will be looking back at these prices and wondering how they were so cheap. Suspect the big push will come in January again.

  • @janner73 either is fine in fact he might even be more valuable at Madrid as long as he gets regular game time

  • @Vespasian32 totally agree and that also explains why so many of the purely xap app players are tumbling as the money has to come from somewhere

  • @Black-wolf Madrid would probably give him extra PB games in the latter stages of the CL. But he's clearly a great fit at Dortmund.
    Just another great PB full-back and they're a fairly small group that can win consistently.

  • @janner73 wouldn’t really account the footie as a sense of how the index is doing to be honest

  • The PB wins for defenders are going to be dominated by the likes of TAA and Kimmich, leaving very little space for others.

    While the dividend increase benefits cheaper players (just need 1 PB win to return decent yield), he's 1/3 of TAA's price at the moment. Took him a GWG, a 2nd goal to barely win TAA with no assist, goals and clean sheets. Realistically I don't expect him to replicate this result on a consistent basis.

    Also keeping in mind Dortmund are facing Bayern this weekend, then we head into internationals, even if I was gonna buy Hakimi I would wait for another week or so

  • @Jim38 Bayern are a mess at the moment no named manager so not really an off putting game (I don’t hold)

  • @Jim38 It's also his second PB win of the season which is the same as Kimmich. He is more than capable of multiple wins as whilst he may need goals he has a much bigger goal threat than TAA - that's 6 for the season now so hardly a one-off.

    He also wont always be playing on the same day as TAA.

  • @jay Why not? The FOOTIE is an indication of how much money is in the market. If its only up 3% since the announcement then there is only 3% more money in the market. Most of the huge rises we are seeing is a moving around of money rather than new money.

  • @janner73 Fair point, I do think TAA's price is spiraling a bit out of control as well. I hope he can keep consistently winning PBs

    Either way I'll probably be by the sidelines watching for now.

  • @janner73 which means fI must be raking it in commission - wise.
    That can't be a bad thing I suppose

  • @Jim38 Pesonally I still think there's value in TAA but there's also a lot of FOMO money gone in this past week which means he'll probably see a drop at some point before rising again.

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