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  • So not been into the dividend side of things as I’ve focused on Youth and finding gems.

    How does dividend work?

    So say I have mason mount & he gets 5th midfielder does he earn anything? Or is it only if your player finishes first?

    Also on the media is it only top 3 ?

    Do you earn 2p for every goal or assist the whole time you hold a future?

  • @THE-PL4YM4KER you've been on the platform for 8 months and dont know how the dividends work?😲

    Have you read the dividends payout structure? As this should answer your questions

  • @Ddr yep lol thaaaaaats what I wrote 🤣

    I knew I could make money the way I did as that was my speciality BUT it seems it’s slowly swinging the dividend way even more now a days. I understand to a certain degree but just wondered people’s views & wanted everything ironed out before I proceed.

    Too much waffle makes my head go bang so not one for reading lol

  • Long answer... Review the dividend structure and the rules.

    PB - 1st place only. 2p per position and star man on single, 4p on double, 8p on treble.

    IPD - first 30 days of your hold only. 1p for assist on all players. 1 p for a goal except defenders who get 2p for a goal.

    Worth noting, since the div increase the dividends are worth winning. So anyone posting consistent good scores or high peak scores will be gaining a lot of cap ap too. And conversely those players youve previously made money on, who perhaps are non-pb or not playing regular first team football, or simply post shit pb... Are suffering the affects as people sell them to buy pb players.

  • Additionally to @Vespasian32 comment above, media buzz is only 1 place on match days at 3p and on non match days its 3 places at 5,3,1.

    Also, goalkeepers earn 1p ipd for a clean sheet

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  • @Sol spat my drink out at this 🤣

  • Dybala to win star man tonight. You heard it here first!

  • @TeamGB he's gonna have to do it from the bench!

  • @ChazFI123 Oops! Okay Ronaldo to win star man.

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