Tammy Abraham

  • I have been on FI for about 7 months, so still new.

    Can anybody please explain why Abraham, has lost 50p in the last two weeks, when he is playing well, scoring and getting assists?

    Cheers Andy.

  • Unfortunately Tammy will very very rarely challenge for PB dividends, he would have to score a hat trick or more to get close. This market is now driven by PB and Tammy has pretty awful returns in terms of that, so basically he isn't that much more than an IPD's striker. I think his price will continue to fall I'm afraid to say as the only way he's getting any dividends is from the media. It wouldn't surprise me if he ends up around £2-£2.50.

    Edit- I've just seen you post on another thread that you hold Aubameyang too, he's very similar to Tammy except that he doesn't get much media attention.

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