Portfolio updated thoughts please...

  • So since I last sent out my port for thoughts...I have gone from 22 players down to 15.
    All the kids have been sold (at profit just about) and a couple of new additions have been added.
    Still sitting on a total of 24% ROI based on total deposits, started on FI in Feb last year.
    I have Β£45 sitting in the kitty looking to possible spend but over the last couple of weeks have seen a slight decline in a few players.
    My shortest holding period will be Messi, looking to sell up towards the end of the season as won't be in Euros obviously.
    Also Ronaldo will probably be sold circa possibly towards end of Euro tournament.
    Transfer holds are Edouard, Fernandes & Malen.
    All other holds are long term.

    Please could I have thoughts on how it is looking now?
    Who to get rid of?
    Who to top up on?
    Who to buy into with this season / Euros in mind and then possibly sell on?


  • As a general rule for investments, I would never suggest to have less than 25 players and never invest ~30% of your portfolio on just 3 players.

  • @gball1975

    Full of quality mate πŸ‘. Are you chasing cap app or dividend? Or both?

    The only thing where I see any disadvantage is "representation" - there are 3 equal amounts of juicy dividends per classification available every single gameday (def, mid, pb), so if you are chasing dividends it looks like you are only giving yourself a *66% chance to win before a ball is even kicked - you don't seem to have any defenders?

    *of course this figure is inaccurate because if you just had 9 forwards then you've probably got more chance of winning divs in the fwd category than someone who has 3 of each position in their portfolio.

    So I think I've just argued against myself there and proved my point irrelevant! πŸ˜‚ Oh well!

  • @NewUser455434 you'd hate my port haha, currently 12 players and 27% of my port is in TAA!

  • Good port, good mix of players.

    As someone else has already mentioned I would certainly add a couple of Defenders to your port. Midfielders in particular is a very competitive division for divs whilst Defenders is typically more straight forward (TAA, Kimmich, etc).

    I would personally take the profit for CHO and then reinvest. He wont win divs anytime soon and as a result I expect his price to slowly decline.

  • @ChazFI123 Very similar to me, I have 13 and 33% is Halstenberg!

  • @BenniiP weird you should mention him, I'm looking at him potentially being the final piece to my port. I'm trying to get to a position where I can take a far less active position in the market

  • @gball1975 I'd be looking to add at least one good PB defender - TAA the obvious one but if he's too pricey then maybe look a bit cheaper at someone like Hakimi (after his price settles) or Digne.
    I'd also add one or 2 of the really good PB midfielders - there's a long list but the likes of Kroos, Pjanic, Parejo or their cheaper equivalents.
    I love Barella but I'd chop him right now as I can only see his price dropping for the next few months - his PB just doesn cut it up against Sensi and Brozovic.
    I'd probably also chop CHO as @Sill7 says - not gonna be a regular dividend contender for a while so at best his price will be stagnant but more likely a steady decline.

  • @gball1975 good port as always. Β£45 will get you nearly 100 lowen. Looks like the next young set piece taking mid who I think will be playing more regularly for Hertha soon. Market sees him taking set pieces he will rocket!

    Otherwise go with a proven div maker... Still some look great value, pellegrini, gundogan, defenders...

  • Great portfolio. Very diversified, covers all grounds.

    Would probably get rid of 20-30 shares in Ronaldo and stick it on Sterling personally.

  • @NewUser455434 Where did you come up with at least 25 players? That is total nonsense. If you believe in your selections then it doesn't matter if you hold 1 or 100.

  • @janner73 @Sill7 … OK I see you point on CHO, he may be next to go then in the 'sell que'.
    @ScouseSte … mainly CA but divs always help long the way.

    Tempted to top up on Foden and Sterling and maybe bring in a PB defender but personally think they are all a bit on the rich side of things already (TAA, Kimmick). Was looking at Hakimi only last week prior to his massive spike but decided against it due to not playing in the Euros.

  • @Pagey74 Basic investment rule; you may like Amazon deliveries or Apple products but you can’t have only 2 stocks in your portfolio. 25 is a minimum to play safe, rest is gambling

  • @ChazFI123 Spiked at 1.80 last night before VAR robbed him of his goal, Leipzig in the CL knockout stage is 99% assured plus Germany have Belarus and Northern Ireland. Scored at the weekend too. Plus I'm a Benfica supporter and we are terrible in the CL, Leipzig should score many goals.

  • @NewUser455434 Football index is gambling just like the stock market. I understand where you're coming from but do not agree. I have reduced my port from well over 50 holds to 5 and have had much more success as I'm able to buy far more shares in players this way.

  • @BenniiP I saw he came off last night with a thigh injury, so I'm hoping there may be a drop as a reaction then I'll jump on board. Waiting to see the severity of the injury before I do anything though

  • @Pagey74 Could I ask which 5 you narrowed it down to?

  • @Pagey74 You are seeing things from the point of view of a stock split which fueled a huge increase over the last 6 months - this is not a common thing in markets. You are exposing yourself to very large fluctuations which can go either side: but if you are accepting it as gambling this is totally fine βœ…

  • @gball1975 Sure mate. TAA, Messi,Goretzka,Neymar & Pogba. I hold 4 more but with hardly any shares but will be topping up on them. They are Poulsen,Alcacer,Moreno and Ben Yedder.

    I think a lot strikers have gone unnoticed since the dividend increase and due to several reasons including the Euro's and the growth of the index I believe they will soon get noticed once they start banging in the goals.

    Thanks for allowing me to pump my port 😁😁

  • @Pagey74 No worries pal. That is actually my thinking with holding Malen and Edouard, hope for a lot of transfer spec if not before certainly for the summer. Malen should rocket around March / April I reckon.

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