Wijnaldum ....in or stay clear

  • What are people's thought on him. Had some quality performances for Netherlands with goals and assists. Doesn't seem to get much attention on FI. Prepping port with euros in mind and looking at Wijnaldum but unsure.

  • @StinkyT25 I think he is undervalued. Will be involved in latter stages of competitions and always plays in big games for club and country. Definitely capable of high PB scores particularly when deployed in a more attacking role as he has been at Liverpool with the freedom provided by Fabinho at number 6. He is just the kind of guy that doesn't draw a lot of attention either on here or anywhere else. I hold a small number also partly thinking forwards to Euros. Certainly not likely to win MB anytime soon!

  • I’ve bought him with Euros in mind. Seems to play quite advanced and have a good scoring record for Netherlands. I’d guess his price will rise in advance of the summer.

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