Footie.. hardly any movement

  • Anyone else finding it interesting that the footie has hardly moved (relatively to some big swings in the past)... even though we have seen some huge rises in certain players.

    Seems to mostly be people recirculating money, instead of new money and users coming in

    What do u guys think?

  • @NewUser383114

    That's exactly what is happening.

    I've been saying it for months. So long as the money remains in the platform, we will all at some point, have a chance at getting our hands on it. 🤑

    Patience is key.

  • If you factor in 2% commission and instant selling then there must be new money coming into the footie to keep things even at constant level - so it would still be growing right?

  • I just feel that maybe because we’ve had so many new additions added recently. Deposit bonus, people adding money to benefit from the matrix changes, the selected 3% deposit bonus, div increases that most people are maybe just a bit skint for the time being especially with Christmas coming up and therefore the market is having a bit of a breather. I wouldn’t worry though still seems there is money being added and it should spool up again come Jan transfer rumours and the later stages of the CL. Then a summer of European Championships.

  • Dont forget there should be ipos all of next week so some people might be keeping their powder dry for that

  • @TeamGB could also be reinvestment of dividends

  • Generally speaking based on previous years, the footie nosedives about now due to a lot of money coming out to fund Xmas before a post Xmas and Jan rise but the timing of the increased dividends has smartly coincided with this annual drop which makes things more interesting this year. So for it to stay stagnant in November is defo a good thing to see!

  • Money certainly moving out a lot of my holds. £100 down since games started. Pjanic, Dybala, Ronaldo, Parejo Messi all dropping.,

  • @Webbinho All gone in to Rodrygo.
    He may need another goal to stave off Lo Celso though.
    Then maybe big sell off🤔

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