Difference between buying & selling price

  • I’ve just bought a few shares in player 2 days ago at a cost of £1.50 each... his buying price is now £1.62 per share, but if I looked to sell him now I’d only get £1.46... why is this ? Normally the difference is only a couple of pence isn’t it ?

  • @NewUser418810 is it halstenberg by any chance? He scored a goal yday which was disallowed then went off injured and lots of people dropped him creating a wider sell gap. If it is indeed him I wouldn’t panic he’s only out for 14 days and likely to rise again on return

  • The spread is determined on a number of factors but think of it as a percentage rather than pennies as the higher a player price the bigger the difference will be in pence but Instant sell is usually 7-10%.

    If you use market sell you will get your full £1.62 minus 2% commission although this may take longer dependion who the player is

  • @Jonnyw89 cheers, it is him !! Great knowledge !

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