Could Habib Diallo be the next Pepe

  • Currently playing up top for Metz and already has 8 goals to his name. Relatively young and only £1.05. Thinking of buying some shares in him what do you guys think ?

  • @Jamestodd9

    Good goalscorer & already had EPL transfer links so can see his price going up from here (bought him at 49p) but I don't think the Pepe comparison holds as he was a PB monster at Lyon & will be again at Arsenal once he gets settled. I'm not sure of Diallo's PB scores but doubt they are in the Pepe league as forwards whose game suits the scoring matrix, like Pepe (185 with just an assist in a 1-1 draw today), are few & far between. Even so I think Diallo is great value at around a £1 & will be significantly higher should he get a decent transfer over the next couple of windows so would still be a buyer/holder.

  • Thanks for the advice. Obviously PB holding his price down but still looks a reasonable buy at that price.

  • Got on at 33p when playing in Ligue 2. One of my safest holds, hardly drops!!

    A move to a bigger French team I think is realistic. Bordeaux Nantes Lille etc if osimhen moves

  • @NewUser159387 dont forget that yesterdays score had a European multiplier applied to it, which means his score would have been circa 150, which isn't great really. He may have been a PB beast last year but the change in the scoring matrix and team may mean he no longer is

  • @Ddr

    He's won 10p in dividends so far this season on top of 10p last so he remains a potent PB threat, especially in the Forward category.

  • @NewUser159387 according to index gain, he has won 29p in dividends since the start of last season. 21p of those were media dividends, which mean he has won a grand total of 8p in PB dividends over the last 1 and a quarter season, with a PB average of 105.98 and a high of 260. So im not sure where you get your info from but to me that does not indicate a PB BEAST

  • Maybe a potential move would work in his favour in terms of better PB score. Metz have 11 goals this season and he has score 8 of them that is some going.

  • Well worth holding on to until the summer, carries on the goals he will probably get a bigger move. Already been linked to Leicester & Newcastle just this week.

  • @Jimi182 I agree he's a decent long term hold in my opinion. Bought some shares so hopefully he can continue his form and force a move.

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