Sancho... 🤔

  • I'm still up on Sancho but he has fallen alot, obviously not a PB player.... obviously got Euros and transfer spec galore but...sell or hold??

  • Who is not going down? I lost like 2k in 2 weeks even whit Pb players when they dont win Pb in that day! I dont get it anymore... Today Dybala, Ceballos, Kroos, Pjanic... arround 400 pounds...

  • I would personally sell Sancho, I think out of all the premium players, he will produce the least amount of dividends roughly this season. I’d even say people like Depay will out perform him

  • Keeping, he is a long term hold, if i had any money right now i would top up while he is in this dip. cant see really why anyone would want to sell, have got some good PB players already in my port, i don't need Sancho to be delivering right now, but i think in another 6-12 months, he is gonna be absolute gas, so i am happy to hold.

  • @ChazFI123 said in Sancho... 🤔:

    I would personally sell Sancho, I think out of all the premium players, he will produce the least amount of dividends roughly this season. I’d even say people like Depay will out perform him

    I got rid of Sancho last week and replaced him with Depay. I was hoping he would rise after featuring in both England games last month but that did not happen. He continued to tank. The Euros this month might not see much change in that regard.

  • Still too much ‘youth hype’ built into his price for me.

    His ‘media potential’ has lost a lot of value after the dividend restructure which just leaves us with a good but not great young PB player.

    Inflate his value slightly due to him potentially becoming a media magnet and somewhere between £3.50 - £5 would be a fair valuation in the current index.

  • I think Sancho is tough one to value/price. Dipping now due to market shifting funds into players who are smashing up the PB matrix right now plus probably some long term hold profit taking and maybe doubts over his value in the new world.
    But, I think there is probably some short termist reaction too, which is largely down to Dortmund being in the middle of a very tough run of fixtures, which doesnt cease just yet. Looking beyond that the easier fixtures will come and very real prospects of a big money transfer to the Prem (Chelsea?) and Euro 2020 action jn the summer.
    I am holding for now and given the spread I imagine the market sell option could take a month anyway, by which time his fortunes may well be on the up again.
    Like I said, difficult to price him I think but will hopefully post a couple of high PB scores in the near future.

  • @xop11 Ceballos got injured that’s why his price fell so quickly. But i can’t answer for the other players

  • Sancho is my biggest hold and will remain so. I believe he will rise over time and continue to do so. He's still very young but he will play for England in the Euros and there will, in my opinion, be a scramble for his signature by the biggest sides in Europe come the summer. I don't personally think his price has anything to do with the 'Youth Bubble' to coin an over-used phrase, I think it's because he's that good and has the world at his feet if he keeps his head screwed on.

  • @Chris-J I'm beginning to think that being a media magnet is worthless. Theres always something happening as a 1 off event to steal the limelight.

    Off the top of my head recently there has been a bad injury to lloris, xhaka telling arsenal fans to fuck off and now a horror injury to gomes always taking divs for unforeseeable events.

    It seems now that pogba is the equivalent of benjamin andre or jose campana in that he will get headlines every day, just as them 2 will score a reasonable PB every single game, but there are so many players in competition that theres always gonna be somebody who has some freak event or exceptional circumstance around them that's gonna catapult them beyond pogba with his new haircut or emoji, a bit like the other week when pulisic banged a hat trick in and lost out to a randomer.

    I'm not whinging mind, I'm using it as an opportunity to win cheap dividends, gomes currently top again although its early doors 🤞

  • Ive forgotten about media not had any divs in weeks, 61 player port including many of the main media players, always gets taken by some random racism or injury event

  • @MickTurbo yep media has just become completely unpredictable especially with the reduction in the number of treble media days.

    MB adds barely any value to a player for me but I suppose not everyone thinks alike - any player over £3.50 needs to be posting regular high PB scores for me to consider them.

    Looks to have been a good call on your Andre Gomes purchase - I didn’t expect him to win as much MB as he has done, do you plan on holding until his return? That’s going to require some extreme patience

  • @Chris-J I'm just gonna follow the situation pretty closely. I shifted 100 yesterday but still got a good amount. Of course the media will dry up at some point but I still think he could be in contention for a bit yet. 3 treble media days next week as well so he might sneak a place or 2. I'll probably end up holding some of them but itll be a reduced number probably. Not got any in the queue presently cos I fancy his chances today.

    As for MB being unpredictable, I agree it is, until something big happens, and then it's just a case of making a quick evaluation. Is it gonna be big news? is the player cheap enough to justify?

    I'm enjoying it to be honest

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