Value overview on a Portfolio player

  • Anyone else think this should be based on the instant sell price?

    As it stands the differences can be huge and it can be a bit misleading.

    After all there are no guarantees you will get the value price by going to market sell.


  • @NewUser345072 I think there's been plenty of times I have sold at market price - it depends when and why you are selling them. If you'd have tried MS on Rodrygo last night it would have been easy, if you tried on Lucas Alario then no chance. You need to sell when people are buying (but not too many people), and sometimes take the hit on the divs you would have earned

    If you use a spreadsheet you'll be able to see every connotation of port value. Whenever I discuss my ROI, I use price after I IS the whole port and take off commiission

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