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  • What are people's thoughts on approaching the WC with FI in mind??? Presumably there will be performance bonuses at the WC, (let's take this as a given) for players who don't usually attract PB (maybe they play for a championship side), and presumably these players are under valued at the moment because they cant win PB's BUT once the WC starts and they do become capable of winning PB their value should increase given their new found capacity to offer you a return in divvies. Is this the likely scenario, or is my understanding of the way price fluctuates in relation to ROI totally wide of the mark?

    If so I guess it's worth keeping an eye out for players who cant get PBs now....but might be able to in the WC.

  • Potentially. For me there are plenty of bargains in leagues that attract PB who have the potential to shine at the WC. There's always players who use this stage to make a name for themselves anyway.

    The key to it is deciding what average teams are going to be the surprise package. You've probably got to look at teams such as Croatia, Poland and Uruguay. I brought a load of Gimenez a few weeks ago from Athletic. His profile has already been raised by some outstanding displays for his team anyway, but he could be in for a good World Cup.

    Think James Rodriguez last time out and he really made a name of himself.

  • @bigbradwolf Any Russian international ha ha. They will win it. They will find a way...state sponsored doping, intimidating officials, bribing them etc....this is a nation that will stop at nothing in its pursuit of winning. Still waiting for them to add the likes of Smolov et al.

  • 4 teams at the world cup will play 7 games.
    4 teams will play 5 games.
    8 teams will play 4 games.
    Everyone else will play 3 games.

    That's not actually that much opportunity to pick up PB. So going for players for smaller nations might not actually represent great value. Obviously it's FI so there will be loads of chances to make money but it feels like everyone is blowing the WC way out of proportion.

  • @Ozzlebert I can't wait for everyone to sell up and desperately buy loads of world cup players so I can Hoover up all the cheap non world cup players for next season.

    It's already happened with Italians.

  • @Stevo this is what I love about FI. Whichever way you look at it there are opportunities. Some people will make money buying world cup players now and selling before a ball is kicked. Other like yourself are looking at getting players not going at low prices. Others will be going for MB with England's 'stars'. Some others will be looking to pick up PB with sub £1 players, then there are the breakout stars like James Rodriguez (who had transfered for £30m+ the summer before!!) All events bring opportunity and discussion.

    The real beauty is that as long as the FOOTIE keeps growing we all think we are right!

  • @Bernie-Madoff

    My girlfriend lives in St Petersburg where she’s a company director. She was saying that corruptions not has bad has it was and often drives through the city at night.

    Aparantly camaras on the roads like in Uk but not huge police presence unless it’s a Putin visit to the city of his birth.

    Having traveled around Eastern Europe and being able to speak Russian where has when I first visited I couldn’t I do think things are exaggerated somewhat.

    When Billy Joel played there when Gorbachev was in charge it cost him 2.5 million of his own money to set up.

    In Ukraine teachers earn £20 a week and look and dress like supermodels yet when I seen Depeche Mode they spelt Fan as Fun. They can’t scan tickets on apps and yet they have the stadiums and inferstructure has good as anywhere the shopping centers are American designed and the things worth buying imported from the west.. I can’t see the problems people are seeing everywhere I’ve been in Eastern Europe is like the white third world due to economy.

    Tickets are starting at £290 each too about in your face for some I bet like eating caviar in Cambodia

    We all know the drug thing goes on but could be wrong but think for Russia this being a international success is most important there best player is the goalie Akinfeev Ive read

  • @Stevo
    I've already earmarked a few Italians I'm going to pounce on before the World Cup. Insigne's at an all time low.

  • @bigbradwolf He's class mate. So close to buzz win every time he plays. Just gets pipped cos he creates more goals than he scores, but when he scores!!!

  • @Ozzlebert Yep, as long as new memebres keep joining the scheme keeps working!

  • @Bernie-Madoff It still works without new members or even new investment from existing ones, it's just with new money coming in you can do basically nothing and make money, without it you have to trade better than others to be profitable ...

  • This post is deleted!

  • FI did say they were going to give us an update on this in March perhaps at the trader meet

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