New trader here.

  • Hello all.

    New to FI over the last few days and reading through a few forum pages to try and get the grasp of it all. I was wondering though. Any tips for a newbie on here who is only looking to invest small amounts. Im not going to be breaking the bank on here but looking for small investments here and there.

    A few questions i have:

    Do people generally stick to the top 200 players, or invest heavily in squad players hoping they break into the top 200 and have a rapid price rise?

    Whens the best time to buy a player (other than obviously when they are cheap). Pre league game, champs league, during international breaks?

    Any ‘must have’ players?

    Is there going to be a ‘watchlist’ at all. Of players who you want to follow but not yet invest in. I read somewhere that there was one on the website, but not on the app. But it was unreliable as inaccurate at times.

    When are the IPOs announced? And how do i make sure i dont miss them when they appear?

    After i think 3 days of trading im up 1.16%. Only have 4 different players.

    Finally, i hope this thread is in the correct place. If not, sorry.

  • @NewUser471254 said in New trader here.:

    Any ‘must have’ players?

    Welcome and good luck. There are no must have players, anyone 'tipping' a player as a must is a con man.

    Watchlist... Correct not currently on the app. Has been on the feature request for a while. Not sure if it will be functional in the pending upgrade.

    Depending how small your investment is... Horses for courses but I always advise to go cheaper and riskier. But everyone has an opinion on that, see what works for you. And whether small % gains is what you are after on low investment (I'm brash... If I'm 'gambling' with a 10er I want to play for fun and make a 100 or lose it all. If I'm 'investing' 10k...then I'm going to have lower risk appetite and want a return of like 10-20% etc.

  • @NewUser471254 said in New trader here.:

    Whens the best time to buy a player (other than obviously when they are cheap). Pre league game, champs league, during international breaks?

    Used to be a very obvious pattern... Rise from Wednesday to kick off... Then either spike or crash based on performance... Dip on Monday leading back into the rise for Wednesday.

    Not so linear these days... But same principle... Try and look ahead at a good fixture/s and buy early. For a 'flip' (short term trade) sell the pre match spike... For longer holds more judgement is needed as when to sell (if at all)

  • @NewUser471254 said in New trader here.:

    When are the IPOs announced? And how do i make sure i dont miss them when they appear?

    IPO's are announced Sunday mate, not sure when they will actually be on the index though. It has been a bit of a rat race with those since I joined, fastest finger first .

    Any ‘must have’ players?

    If I speak....

  • Hi bud,

    1st check out the top thread above them all..
    'All things index' its great read and info
    Wish I'd read it to begin

    2nd youtube has some decent videos I've used

    Football index guide
    Football index manager
    Jonathon Quinn
    Great for advice on how to build a portfolio and show what and how to do things.

    3rd enjoy the fun crazy times ahead....

    4th you need to decide how much you are going to spend on players and for what.
    PB or Media dividends
    Ipd's ( in play dividends when you own a player first 30 days).
    CA capital gains ( selling when a players price rises ).
    Your choice 👍

  • Thanks for the replies so far.

    My investments are currently small, a bit of fun so not breaking the bank or changing the world. But if i do well and seem to get the hand of it all i may through a bit more at it. But its never going to be thousands like some.

    At first i didnt realise you only get IPDs for the first 30 days of ownership.

    How are we informed of the IPOs and who is being released / included?

    I’ll have a look at some of the youtube videos
    Thanks for those.

  • @NewUser471254 IPOs are posted on the website and twatter; I think the 11th is the next batch but be warned you can get burnt. Prices go crazy then fall if their is a player you want or get on early you can be on to a winner, my first one cost me I got burnt 🤣

  • My first peice advice would be to not be intimidated by the vast amount of investment you see from other more experienced traders, making small bits of profit at the start may look peanuts to other accounts but it's still profit and correct decision making on your part afterall

    Secondly, always trust your gut instinct and stick to it, you may not see much happen with your selection for a few days or weeks but may find that your patience pays off in the end

    Thirdly, DO NOT be afraid of making small losses, sometimes inexperienced traders don't like to see red on their portfolio and so Instant Sell in a panic, when in doing so actually costs even more loss... Sometimes riding it out and seeing your patience pay off can give you confidence to do so again in the long run

    It's also best to give yourself profit and loss margins for each player when trading.... meaning how much you're willing to gain or lose on a player until your happy to cash in on them

  • @NewUser471254
    Think most things have been said. Key points from me:

    • There is plenty of good advice from experienced traders on the forum. Read, discuss, debate but always ultimately do your own research before buying a player. Anyone telling you a player is a must-have or their price can only go one way is not giving you a balanced view.
    • Starting small, as you have, is sensible. Use that small initial investement to learn the market and how it behaves and how prices react to certain scenarios. Make your mistakes and learnings with only a small amount invested.
    • Good times to buy a player vary and isn't always the same. But I can tell you when a bad time to a buy a player is - buying a player after a big rise due to one good performance is rarely the best time to enter a trade. If it's still a player you like or want and you missed a big rise, don't give in to FOMO. There is nearly always profit taking after a big rise and the price drops back and you'll find a better (cheaper) entry point. A few examples are look at the price graphs of Hakimi and Rodrygo the 2 star players from this week's CL games - both have pulled back in price by roughly 10p from the peak immediately after those games.

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