• Someone has had enough of him, another big hit. Not been a good day for PB players. Are these guys overpriced in midfield where there are so many big scores?

  • These players have gone up loads in last month or so. Going to see this on all the pb players when they go a few weeks without winning... But over time they will grow nicely. I imagine lazio will make the last 16, maybe further... That's when they won't be resting Alberto and he will look really good value. Same for all good cl/euro players.

  • Lazio look like they are out of the Europa League.

    That's the reason for the drop.

  • I'm guessing the Alberto drop could be related to the fact the loss at Celtic means they are gonna find it difficult to advance past the group stages. Or did he get injured?

  • @ScoutScout said in Alberto:

    Lazio look like they are out of the Europa League.

    That's the reason for the drop.

    They can still beat cluj... But yeh didn't realise they are 6pts behind.

  • Lazio out of Europe

    Belotti 50 p cheaper than immobile now with same factors behind him.....

  • @ScoutScout is he likely to drop further as Iā€™m wanting to get on him?

  • @NewUser340188

    I'm not sure, it looks like his price has bounced back up a couple of pence so he could be safe. The increased spread possibly helped his price not drop further as well.

    People were of the mindset he lost value because of potentially no Europa, but he's quality for PB so if you believe in his quality and back him to perform at the weekend then his price could possibly hold. A poor pb score could see further drops.

  • @ScoutScout said in

    People were of the mindset he lost value because of potentially no Europa

    You're making an assumption here as you dont actually know what people were thinking (unless you can read minds? ) it may also have just been people profit taking to reinvest in someone else, or even a whale selling up their holding which caused a mini sell off. Not having a go as such, just need to be careful how things are worded, if youd have put 'I think' at the start it would've been better šŸ˜šŸ‘

  • @Ddr

    The assumption was based on, as soon as Celtic scored the second, he started flying through the ticker, numerous 300s being instant sold by numerous people. The FI risk team spotted this and whacked on a massive spread.

    It's clear to me what caused the drop.

  • @ScoutScout and yet it wasnt clear to you yesterday that rodrigo was going to have a drop in price after his spike the previous night, just the same as any other player who has recently had a massive in game spike?

    Also, didn't notice what his pb score was last night, but if he was having a poor game and had a low score that could also have prompted people to start selling, we've seen it a lot recently when supposed good PB players put in a bad to average score and get dumped on Masse.

    Again you do not KNOW this, you are making an assumption which may or may not be correct.

  • @Ddr

    I'm not going to go back and forth with you mate. It's clear to me what happened and it makes perfect sense.

  • Genuine question - are Lazio actually officially knocked out? They can still tie Cluj on 9 points if they win their last 2 games (one of which is against Cluj) and Cluj lose their 2.

  • @janner73

    Nah it's still mathematically possible. Odds are wide though.

  • @ScoutScout Yeh they need to win both and Cluj need to lose both- just wanted to check I hadn't missed something in the tiebreaker rules that meant Lazio were 100% out.

  • @ScoutScout ok fair enough, but any of the scenarios I raised could also have been the cause.

    Out of interest, what was his PB score last night and any posters here on the forum who is'd him last night? Care to share your thoughts/reasoning behind selling?

  • @Ddr it happens all the time a team gets knocked out did when certain teams didn't qualify and last year when teams went out in ko stage. But this next few fixtures look tasty

  • @Ddr I wasn't around last night on FI but my logical conclusion when I saw his drop was that it was due to the fact that Lazio were now extremely unlikely to progress in Europe.
    Whether the drop is justified on those grounds or not is debateable given he was possibly under-valued against other PB mids prior to the drop. I say undervalued because he is only 27 compared to the 29-30 that the most of the others in that price range are.

  • @Ddr Did laugh at the Rodrygo comment though lol.

  • @janner73 cheers spock, glad I at least brightened someone's morning slightly šŸ‘šŸ˜

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