Wc media buzz king

  • So who will reap the most mb awards during World Cup? From the betting I guess a awful lot are banking on it being kane, I am not so sure and am going to plum for neymar.

  • Neymar - as I've just posted in the Mahrez thread I believe his one name bonus will do it for him.

  • What I like about the World Cup is if any single named Brazilian in the top 200 score a hatrick it’s abit dodgy if they don’t win media buzz

  • They have a few....... Luan..... Arthur...... Ramirez, marchello infact its most of the buggers ha

  • There is also a presumption that mb will be won by a wc player..... Don't forget all the transfer news going about u may get a few non wc players

  • @Simon-j said in Wc media buzz king:

    There is also a presumption that mb will be won by a wc player..... Don't forget all the transfer news going about u may get a few non wc players

    FI amazes me how everyone’s piles the dough on the Germans like it’s a foregone conclusion they will win it. They’ve been hammered more than any other team on here

  • I think zaha could get some. Ivory Coast story and transfer spec. He is could value. Yes i do hold him.

  • @NewUser60527 Unfortunately he won't be there. Ivory Coast didn't qualify this time.

  • Griezemann?? I’ve said previously I think he may star, will also have transfer rumours, although Barca deal looking most likely

  • @Matt369 that's not a bad call, most of the rumours suggest he's going to Barca but United haven't let that stop them before! The France squad looks incredible so they could go far and along with Pogba he's the poster boy for the team. Only thing holding him back is that he has to share the limelight with Pogba.

  • Kane. The English media dominate MB, and Kane will dominate the papers, so I'm expecting him to pay out 4-5 days a week.

  • @CleanShirtTrader I only have 3 weeks experience so yous all know more than me but I don't think this will happen, I think it will be much more spread around than people think...

  • The comps 4 weeks so 28mb up for grabs

  • @Simon-j as an English man I never realised tournament could go on longer than 2 weeks!

  • @Ozzlebert I actually chuckled, it’s the hope that kills us!

  • @Ozzlebert

    Ha ha I don’t believe I made that mistake.
    Zaha is good for at least 2.20 anyway in the summer from transfer spec.

    As for England’s media buzz, the captain will get a fair bit and we don’t know who that is yet.

  • @Ozzlebert as long as we don't get a ghost goal like the last world cup. I was on my stag do for the England Italy game. We were watching it. Sterling's shot go's in score even changes to 1-0 England. Something happens (I swear time machine) and the score is 0-0 and they are showing replays of it going just wide.

  • @NewUser60527 all depends on if palace survive. I have a feeling he might stay with them even if they go down, Clearly loves the club. I'm always a little wary of transfer speculation and hoping for MB, walcott didn't win it when he transfered because Sanchez was dominating. I held Zaha over January and lost money on him so maybe I'm just bitter!

  • @Ozzlebert No offence but Zaha would not stay with Palace in a million years if they go down, he wont stay with them either if they stay up, he will want the chance to fulfil that potential, he had when much younger, and as he's getting older he don't have time on his side he's a 100% on the move if a bigger club are willing to spend what it takes to get him.

  • @SMacFI you might be right. He left them once already. Even if he does leave I'm not sure if he will win much buzz from the transfer as he isn't really an 'A' list star that will hog the media attention. He isn't really the type of player to win much PB either as his game is based more around dribbles than passes and the scoring is so passing based. What would you say is his potential high point on his price? I don't think he'd go much above £2 personally.

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