Returning from injury list

  • Which players look best value on a return from injury and show potential capital growth?? Even as simple as Loftus-Cheek in a current dip, surely he flies on his return appearance .

  • Neymar!
    Lo Pell

  • Marco Asensio (hold, balls deep) 🤣
    Jean Phillipe Gbamin (hold )
    Jean Phillipe Mateta (gonna get involved)


    He is a list which was created about 3 months ago if this helps.

    I brought Florian Thauvin simply for the 'injury / come back' opportunity...his stats are incredible, he should fly when he is back.

  • David Brooks is about 2 weeks away from injury. Won Welsh player of the year last year ahead of Bale and others. He has not played a game yet this season injured since July so yeh i reckon they'll be a hype on him. Bournemouth also sitting pretty 7th. There's also a lot of transfer hype around him so yeh i reckon its a no brainer getting on him. I am a holder currently of 150 qty but that is nowhere near enough qty for me to try to pump the dude. Just stating the facts around him.

  • Hanes Wolf of Leipzig last article I read was he would hopefully be back training in December is the one I’m holding just now , Leroy Sane is another but he could be the end of December / January , I’ve held Goretzka for a while now and made a nice profit now just need him to post a couple of high scores to cash in

  • Mikhail Antonio at West ham due back after Intnl break.

    Not a PB winner, but some IPD if thats your thing

  • Gotta be Neymar! Once he comes back and records his first PB win I’m convinced he will he will fly!
    Pogba could have a big rise too, he £3 down on 6 months ago he’s surely gonna rise at some point
    (I hold neymar, not Pogba)

  • @Staggz88 I think Pogba will see a decent rise. His PB potential could be big if put back in no.10 role, which i think he will. Fred has filled that dm role and perreira has been no.10 i think...neither have made much impact so either can be replaced by pog, so id bring back pog in his best role, just got to hope OGS sees it.

  • Donyell Malen for me, not sure how long he's out for but if he reproduces his pre-injury form surely his price will soar. Also talk of transfer spec and with the Euros on the way can only help.

  • Draxler has been appearing from the bench last 2 games in his comeback from lengthy absence. Will be interested to see how he fairs on the new matrix. And always transfer talk to english clubs e.g. spuds

  • Savanier being brought back in after lengthy injury- hasn't played 90 yet, obvs not match fit, a pb king and think he has been dumped quite a bit based on his first 3 games back, 26, 71, 84 minutes, 81, 111, 94 pb bases. A big score will see a decent rise.

  • @Westy that’s it mate, it Pogba gets put back in the 10 role he’ll be a great hold and will rise back up. Last season when he was attacking he was a solid £8 player. As a united fan I hope he is played further forward when he’s back lol

  • @Staggz88 as a utd fan then, who do you think has done better for the team during his absence? Perreira or Fred? Which one needs to be dropped?

  • @Westy if it was my choice I’d drop Pereira and play Pogba in 10. With Fred n Mctominay deeper

  • @Staggz88 goodo, thats encouraging, OGS watches the same games as you...

    PB stats wise Phil Jones has done well when in dm and cant the kid Tuanzebe play dm too? Why waste Pogba!!!?

  • @Westy yeah exactly! I guess we will find out next month what’s gonna happen

  • Draxler 6p+ so far on his return. No goal or assist yet...

  • Alassone Plea assist as sub mid week hopefully starts or at least gets more minutes under his belt in the early kick off against Bremen tomorrow.

  • Mattia caldara
    CD At Milan £0.46
    They paid £25 million for him from Juventus and has only played a handful of games in a season and a half because of injury. Was on the bench last week and we rise once he’s in the team. There other CD are £0.70p

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