Has to be done

  • Munir El Haddadi has just posted the highest score ever on FI, won Gold/Treble PB twice this season already, Sevilla qualified for knockout stages with 2 easy games left has a base of 109, yet he’s still under £1 🤷‍♂️

  • I think hes low priced cause he has barely played in the league. So far he has been utilized most during Europa league, and that's where his PB wins have come from also (against terrible teams too).

  • Personally think he is great value. Especially long-term.

  • @Uncle-G doesn't play in the main team. Further they go in Europe less games he wil play there too. He's had his two games vs dudelange that massively skew his stats.

    Be wary

  • Winning on Europa league days is no mean feat, there a plenty of other mismatches on those days. His score last night was huge! If he gets a run of league games, he clearly has potential for pb wins.

  • @Vespasian32 @JaySaul don’t think there’s anything to be wary about, there are players who play every week, have poor PB & are a lot more expensive, he has at least 3 more games just in the europa league & 2 of them are against poor opposition. You don’t win 2 gold & star player PB’s without being half decent

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